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Upon exiting the age of minors, we needed more than just the college teenage classroom winks. Dating is one of the most popular romance practices that serve as an introduction into a relationship or a practice that helps to tighten the bond of a relationship somehow. The cyber age has added spice to this practice, and we can now meet one another in an online social gathering and establish a date with a potential partner. There is a countless number of dating sites in the world today, and we have helped you to handpick the best of them in the year 2020.

Dating in 2020 has so far been a flop due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying at home and practicing social distancing has taken away all our fun of dating. However, you can just establish a relationship online and remain optimistic about meeting on a date when the pandemic is over, so here is a review that might help.

The best dating sites in 2020 are as follows:

Best Dating Sites
  • Tinder

Tinder is known as the dating site that offers you quick and easy hookups for any legit purposes in your mind whatsoever. It’s really one of the most famous dating websites.

  • Bumble

Bumble is unique for its style of contacting. On this site, ladies’ message first, and guys just have 24 hours to respond, or she will be gone. It is like a female version of Tinder.

  • OkCupid

This site is keen on using your deep personality to find the most compatible partner you can get on the platform. The site is sometimes called the best dating site on the net. It has a vast number of marriage testimonies.

  • Coffee meets Bagel

This site is best for the elites. It runs more in-depth profiles than Tinder, and it uses these profiles to set up a match between users.

  • Hinge

If you are the kind that wants a serious relationship or you want something out of your dating, this site is your best shot. This site keeps you hinged as its name sounds with its engaging nature.

  • Happn

Happn’s uniqueness is in its concept. It is best for you if you only want to meet someone in your neighborhood. It is your local dating site.

  • The League

This site is designed for elites and elites alone. If you are the type of person who feels you are off the hook for the random people on the dating networks and you need fellow elite like you for a date, The League has got you covered.

  • eHarmony

eHarmony was born out of a relationship questionnaire and personality test. This site uses multidimensional criteria to determine the compatibility of members. It has succeeded in putting people together only to end in marriages. Even though it’s one of the oldest dating sites, eHarmony still maintains its standard and prides itself as one of the best dating sites today.

  • Plenty of Fish

What makes this site one of the best dating sites is the fact that it has the largest network of all dating sites today. Users are numerous, which means you can easily find a match among the multitude.

  • Clover

What is interesting about this site is the assurance that you will find a match. This site runs a demand style matching. It is as easy as calling for a paid service in your home.

  • Her

If you are a woman with a sexual or romantic attraction to other women, this is the site for you. Here is the best dating site for lesbians and adventurous women.

  • Match

As the first online dating app, Match has maintained its respect and reputation among other online dating sites. Match has several high profile people using the site; this makes the site expensive to use. But you will not regret putting your money up for Match.

When and How Did Online Dating Start?

Dating has been around since the 20th century. It is used as a word to describe the act of seeing a partner or fixing meetings and was first used by a young man in a broadcast to describe that his wife has been seeing another man. Dating took a different turn in 1994 when it was introduced to the internet as a mailing system between two lovers. Then, online dating was born.

How Long Does Mobile Dating Exist?

The first mobile dating app was created in 1995. Match was created as just a website with the address; match.com. Later in the same year, the mobile app version of it was launched, making it the very first mobile online dating app in the world. So to answer the question of when mobile dating apps started, one would say it all started twenty-five years ago in the year 1995.

How to say the best dating sites and apps are really worth it?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of dating sites out there. Finding which ones are the best may be a little tricky. Determining which dating sites and apps are the best requires some dedication and research. In order to make it easier to determine, we have tried several dating sites. We have devised seven factors to be considered in other not to fall into dating sites that will not suit your purpose and waste your time and sometimes money.

How to say the best dating sites and apps are really worth it?
  1. Function

One of the most important things to be put into consideration in determining if a dating site is good or not is Function. You may need to ask yourself, “what is my purpose for wanting a dating site, and is this site fulfilling that purpose?” Dating sites are of different types based on function. Some are just for casual sex; some are for actual romantic relationships while some are for specific people like gays, lesbians, elites, etc. Some are for religious hookups, professionals, or people of particular mutual interest only such as pet owners, football fans, etc. A good hookup site should have a specific function to enable people to get aware of the type of site it is before signing up.

  1. Network and accessibility

This factor is one to seriously consider if you want to know which online dating site or app is better than others. We have put several dating sites into tests and have selected out the ones we discover that have the widest networks. The more coverage a site has, the better. Wide network and accessibility determine how wide the dating community of the site will be, which in turn determines how qualitative the matching system will be. You need to have many to pick from.

  1. Services

Many dating sites and apps in the world do not offer relevant or enough services to make users’ experiences easier, better, and interesting. Some featured services used in determining the awesomeness of a dating site are as follows:

  • Messaging: Communication is the spine of any relationship, likewise any dating too. Messaging will help users to get quality dates out of a match on a dating site. If there is a site that offers superb messaging services, such a site or app should be considered a few steps above others.
  • Search function: This feature is very relevant. The search function is what makes you look for your preference manually in case the match prescriptions you get from the site is not satisfactory enough. If there is a site that does not have an awesomely excellent matching system or a proper searching function, such a site or app is not fit to be among the best online dating apps and websites.

Having a good messaging system and a search function makes a site easier to use and is part of what makes a site qualify to be listed among the best dating sites and apps at any time.

  1. Demographics

The population and its division of any online dating site/app must be considered in order to rate the site. We considered the overall population of the sites and their proportion using factors such as gender and age distribution. Sites with balanced or almost balanced ratios are considered to be among the best online dating sites and apps.

  1. Spam and Fake profiles availability

You would not be happy to find out that a site is full of spam profiles or that most of your matches are fake users, would you? That is why we have included this point in determining if a site is worthy of being among the best online dating sites.

  1. Pricing

This is a very straight forward one. Any site with unnecessarily high costs will not be qualified to be among the best sites. We used this criterion because expensive fees will not make the site affordable for many who would make the differences in the matching system of the site.

  1. Real-life Reviews.

Real-life Reviews are the traditional means of determining if a site is good or not. Real-life reviews are testimonies of the site’s users describing their experience on the site and explaining why the site is good or bad. We have put this into consideration in determining which dating sites are best.

Types of Dating Sites

Types of Dating Sites

To some, all online dating sites are the same, but it is better to know that there are a few types of online dating sites. You should know the types to know which one matches your need and personality. Let us get straight to it.

  • Matchmaking dating sites

Matchmaking dating sites focus on getting you a match strictly based on your profile and interests. These sites are the best for you if you are interested in finding a serious relationship. These dating sites follow the book to the detail at ensuring that you get a match you will not reject rather than having to search on your own through hundreds of profiles, which would waste your time and not eventually end you up with a perfect match.

  • Event dating sites

These dating sites are designed for social connection and gathering in the course of finding a date. Event dating sites find your events or gatherings such as house parties, where you can meet several people and might find an actual date. There are not too many of these sites on the net.

  • Personals

This is the common one we have all around. This is the type of dating site that allows you to search for your Match by yourself. These sites allow you to go through scores of profiles and message the ones you find interesting.

  • Preference dating sites

Preference dating sites are specialized dating sites. They put you up with profiles of the kind of people you are interested in. For example, there are dating sites for Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Gays, Lesbians, Matures, and so on. An example of preference dating sites is Her.

For some reason, Tinder and Match have been nominated to be the most popular dating sites in the world. The reason for their nominations can be analyzed, respectively. Match got its reputation as the most popular dating site on the net as the first and pioneering dating app. Match has a large network of users, including elites and people of high class and status. Match has gathered a lot of users, fans, and reputation through its years of experience and operation. It boasts an approximation of 15 million users per month.

Tinder is believed to be the most popular by some because it is the most used dating site on the internet. Tinder is used in all continents and almost all countries of the world.

While some may contend that Tinder is more popular, some believe otherwise. We leave you to use your discretion to decide which is more popular.

Hook-up Sites and Apps

Have you ever felt like having casual, no strings attached sex for any or no reason? If yes, you are not alone on this. The urge to have a sexual adventure with a different person without any emotional attachment, whether as a one night stand or as a sex buddy, is natural and normal of humans. In other words, just as you want it, there are several people out there who want to have sex with you, too, with no strings attached. There are scores of hookup sites on the internet. An example of hook-up sites is NoStringsAttached.com.

Christian Dating Sites and Services

Some people would love to live by the holy book and get involved strictly with people who share their Christian faith if you fall in this category of people, there are dating sites that are designed to help maintain your spiritual sanity as well as help you get your perfect Match from your Christian background. These sites do not just get you a fellow Christian; it matches you with ones with your preferred features physically and according to interests and your requests. Examples of dating sites that are designed for Christians include Match, Christian Mingle, and Christian Cafe. Some dating sites that are also ideal for Christians are Zoosk, BlackPeopleMeet, EliteSingles, and eHarmony.

Elite Dating Sites

Elite dating sites are meant for people of high profiles who would love to get a date to invest in as a long term relationship they would likely end in a family. Elites are people of some high status, usually educated and financially and socially secure. Elites are usually interested in partners of equal or similar status, and they would not let go if they find one that suits their taste. Elites would not fit in regular dating sites or might be disappointed in the long run. To help the situation, there are dating sites that are designed to put elites in online communities of their kinds where they will be able to get their perfect matches. Examples of dating sites for elites include: EliteSingles, Match.com, Zoosk, Luxy, and Coffee Meets Bagels.

LGBTQ Dating Sites

Assuming that dating is a thing between a man and a woman is wrong. Some people are queer and in need of a partner, just like everyone else. There are specific sites that are designed to help gays and lesbians get a date of their interest online. Whether for just sexual adventures or real relationships, there are sites meant to fulfill the queer people’s desires. Dating sites that are designed for lesbians include Her, Scissor, Fem, Lesl, and PinkCupid

Examples of dating sites that are suitable for gays are Adam4Adam, Grinder, Match.com, EliteSingles, Zoosk, and OkCupid.

Free and useful Dating Sites

Do not assume that to use an online dating site you must use your credit card. Several best free online dating sites will serve you perfectly without you having to pay. Free dating sites differ by the degree by which they are free. Some of the best free dating sites will not charge at all for all the features and services offered while some will not charge only for the really important features like messaging, liking, viewing profiles, and getting matches. Examples of dating sites that you can use for free are Coffee meets Bagel, Pure, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and Tinder.

Free Dating Apps vs. Best of Them

This has been the biggest topic of discussion in the world of online dating. The twist of the plot is that buying a dating app does is not a prerequisite for it to be the best. There are apps like Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, and Tinder that are in the same category as the expensive Match and eHarmony. What determines which apps are best is not in the price of the app but the quality and functionality of the app. So you do not have to be worried about your newly got free dating app.

How Much is the Best Dating Sites Fee?

Once again, a site does not have to be paid to be among the best dating sites. Sites like Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid are free sites for use, but if you want more of them, you can subscribe as a premium user with payment varying between 9.99USD to 24.99USD per month.

There is Match.com, which costs 22.99USD a month for three months subscription. To use this site, you must pay, or you will not enjoy the features of the site. At least not for long.

Which Dating Sites Are Legit and How Can You Tell?

Which Dating Sites Are Legit and How Can You Tell?

There are many dating sites on the internet that are not legit, but you don’t need to worry. To be on the safe side, you should stick to the sites we have mentioned earlier on this page and ensure that read and obey the rules and regulations of each site before signing up.

How to stay safe when indulging in online dating

Although all appropriate dating sites have tried their optimal best to provide its users with cybersecurity, safe environments, and features that protect their users’ content. It is the respective duty of all users to follow the basic guidelines provided by the site and carefully select the kind of information they share with other users. Do not hesitate to block or report any user that you suspect is not playing by the rules.

Keep your personal information to yourself

Personal information about you is a very important and confidential content that should not be shared with an online acquaintance. Your home and work address, mobile details, and financial information should not be shared with anybody you meet on the internet to avoid scam or any other possible consequences.

Arrange your date in a public place

The main purpose of using these online social networking services is to find a friend or potential dating partner. The step that follows is to meet them in person to be sure they are real and not some bot. The proposing to meet in public places where you would feel safe to interact is encouraged.

Let your friends know

As part of security measures, it is advised that you inform a friend about who you are meeting, your meeting place and time. Leave their contact and photograph if necessary. You can never be too safe when meeting someone from a dating site for the first time.

Do not be shy to leave

You should know when to leave a meeting and not be afraid to do so when you are suspicious of your date or your environment. Take your leave politely and confidently, if you feel uncomfortable or see the red lights. Do not lose to fear. Your life and properties are more important compared to the date.

Don’t accept assistance in reaching the place

You must play safe and not vulnerable. It is advised that you travel alone on your way to your partner from the dating site. Do not welcome a ride from people you do not trust, either. Not even your date, at least for the first meeting.

How to have a perfect first date

Having a successful first date is a happy experience, and this can be achieved by following a few general guidelines as follows.

Avoid stalking

You are advised not to stalk your potential date on any dating site or any online web, as this may get awkward and make you look creepy to your supposed partner.

Choose comfort over success

It is pertinent that you do not be too intense about your dating. Check out and compare what is comfortable for you and your date and abide by it. With this, you will find your date so much interesting and relaxed.

Do some confidence exercise

You can take a few test exercises for yourself by facing the mirror and say things like “Hello!” with a smile and as much confidence as you can. Never assign a social role to a particular gender unless you want to have a boring experience with your date. You need to be bold enough to express yourself at a date and interact with your partner. Let go of your insecurities because it would only bring you negative energy. Be self-assured that you are fun and that he/she would like you.

Laugh together

Be free! Interact with people who share jokes and funny experiences, laugh, and have fun. There is usually a whole lot to talk about and laugh about on first dates. So, maximize the opportunity and be happy.

Use friendly body language

There are ambiguous body languages, you should avoid them, and you should be open with whichever body language you use so as not to send the wrong message to the mind of the person you meet.

Listen carefully

Pay attention to your interlocutor and try as much as possible not to get distracted by your mobile phone or something else on the side. Being attentive to your partner on a date makes you more attractive, and it makes them so much happy to be with you.

Get to know more

You should ask each other questions that are relevant but not too personal. Your questions should be polite to get to know your new friend better in a light manner. Do not go too personal with your questions, and do not annoy your date.

Stay positive

Do not go on a date with a heavy heart. Make sure that you are in your positive energy and the right vibe for the meeting. Your psychological state can determine whether your date is going to be awesome or not. Expect that your date is going to be awesome and interesting, but pay attention to your security measures. Why go on a date with a mindset that is going to ruin it?

Split the expenses

Do not play Santa Claus on a date. The date is as important to your partner as it is to you. Allow them to pay some bills too. This way, you can both moderate how much you spend.

Follow up your partner

After your first date, it is not all over. You should check up on each other and talk some more. Fix other dates and chat. You are allowed to fall in love. So do not let go of the opportunity if you find him/her suitable for you.

Spam & bots warning

It is expected of dating sites to have some bots to keep users busy. These bots can be deceiving as you can mistake them for actual users of the site. You should watch out for these bots and avoid them. Here are a few hints to help you detect them.

  • They respond to your messages too quickly
  • They encourage you to upgrade to premium
  • They try to sell things to you
  • They send you links you do not ask for
  • Their responses are sometimes out of context
  • They often repeat messages
  • Some bots ask for your banking details

Experts thoughts about dating sites

A statistical chart shows that approximately 30 of 100 Americans have visited an online dating site, and the testimonies have been encouraging and proven helpful. Dating sites can help people find and develop a serious relationship with potential matches. These systems provide interactive environments that allow users to connect with their preferred matches for different beneficial purposes. They save users the stress of pressure and time consumption when looking for a compatible partner and also save people from the frequent embarrassment they might encounter from being rejected or being shy to approach strangers in real life. On the other hand, there are negative effects of online dating.

On a survey, 45 percent of online dating sites users have admitted that the sites got them feeling more frustrated while only 28 percent said that they find them hopeful. However, it is important to note that online dating is killing human traditional and socio-cultural values.