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Tinder Overview: What Does It Have to Offer?

Tinder Overview: What Does It Have to Offer?
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Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 980 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Understandable user interface: The interface of the website and the app are very user-friendly. Any new users can quickly get the website's hang and start enjoying the platform's services and features right after registration.
  • Geolocation based profile recommendations: The platform seeks your permission to access your geolocation data and uses it to find you an offer in your proximity. However, it is pertinent to mention that the users on the platform cannot access its services until they allow the platform to access their geolocation data (i.e., GPS based services).
  • Free messaging: Unlike most online dating platforms, the Tinder website and app enable you to contact and chat with other users regardless of the type of your membership; in other words, the platform allows its free users to send and receive messages.
  • The limited number of swipes for free users: That is right, the number of free swipes is limited and varies for male and female users. A male member gets 50 free swipes per day, while a female member gets up to 100 free swipes per day; so, you should be careful while swiping right on a profile since you can run out of free swipes, and the game can easily change in 12 hours. However, you can always upgrade your membership to premium for getting unlimited swipes with several other benefits.
  • Can't register using an e-mail address: The signing up options are limited on the platform, and you can register by using a Facebook account, a Google account, or a phone number. On most other online dating websites, you can register on the platform using an e-mail address from any e-mail service provider.
  • Age-oriented pricing model: Many Tinder reviews and reports point out that the brand has designed its premium membership plan with prejudice. The premium membership cost for young users is cheaper compared to that of older users.
  • No subtle matchmaking algorithms: The platform does not use thorough and nuanced matchmaking algorithms that take user preferences into account; instead, it uses your geolocation data to find you a prospective date in your vicinity. However, it is advised to thoroughly check the profile details before swiping right, since you can quickly check your compatibility with a user by knowing their preferences and personality characteristics mentioned on their profile.

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Since its introduction to the world in 2012, Tinder has grown exponentially and presently provides its services to more than 50 million users worldwide. What comes to your mind when you hear the term “online dating”? The first thing that strikes your mind when you hear of online dating is Tinder. It does not matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual; you can find a preferred dating/ relationship partner on this platform effortlessly. The platform also provides its dating and relationship services to the transgender community, and the community sees it as one of the most preferred transsexual dating sites.

Tinder was initially introduced as a smartphone app in 2012 under the joint venture of IAC and Xtreme Lab, but later, in 2017, the maker decided to launch its services on the web platform through the Tinder website. With its reliable service platform, dynamic design, and efficient working, the platform has become the first choice of millions of users worldwide. From casual hookups to serious relationships and from friendship to exploring & experimenting with your preferences, Tinder has something for everyone. The platform provides its services to users from different communities, ethnicities, and religions regardless of their sexual preference.

The users’ active presence on the platform makes it ideal for finding a preferred and compatible partner quickly without putting in much effort. From its more than 50 million users around the world, 28 million are from the USA alone. The platform is filled with active users worldwide, and on any given day, the platform witnesses over 8 million active users worldwide. The users on this platform are mainly young adults who require a like-minded and fun-loving partner, the majority of the users on the website are between 18 and 35. Anyone over 18 years can join Tinder for absolutely free, and there is no upper age ceiling on the platform. While the platform has a vast and active user base, the gender ratio is somewhat disrupted and uneven on the platform. Tinder reviews on the internet tell that there are approximately 37 % female users and about 63 % male users onboard.

The platform has become successful at attracting such a massive number of users due to its attractive, appealing, dynamic, and result-oriented features. And as stated earlier, the platform has something for everyone, and therefore the free users on the platform also get more than enough features to break the ice and catch a fish effortlessly on the website. You will not feel the need to subscribe to a premium membership plan if you have a great set of interpersonal skills and reasonably good looks. Under this Tinder review, you will get to know about the services offered by the platform along with its salient features and functions that differentiate it from other online dating platforms and make it a great success.

Detailed Design and Layout of the Platform

Detailed Design and Layout of the Platform

The Tinder website and app have the same colour theme, features, functions, and user interface. With its iconic pink coloured theme, the platform has become an icon for online dating amongst the youth. The platform has been designed to deliver an excellent, entertaining, and engaging user experience to its members. The fun navigation and browsing options and exclusive and exciting features prelude the users to spend more time on the platform. Various free interactive features keep them engaged with exploring and interacting with other users.

Quality of User Profiles on the Website

The majority of Tinder reviews indicate that most user profiles on the platform belong to real individuals. Profiles are elegant and contain ample information about the user, including their name, age, gender, distance, interests, and profile bio. You can view the pictures added by the user to their profile for absolutely free. The platform has also introduced a photo verification system, and the accounts with a verified picture will reflect a blue verification tick on the profile. You can like or super-like a user from their profile page.

Features That Make It Stand Out

There are numerous similar special features on the Tinder website and app that aim to enhance your user experience by improving your profile’s exposure to other members and providing you with multiple interactive options. While some of these features are available to free users with a daily limit, some are exclusively available to the premium users only; however, many Tinder reviews suggest that the platform’s free features are more than capable of delivering the desired results. Some of the prominent features available on the platform are:

  1. Super like: While the right-swiping on the user’s profile tells them that you think they are attractive, sending a super-like implies that you think they are extraordinary, and you are super into them. You get a free super-like every day as a free user, so be wise while spending your precious super-like. However, you can get unlimited super-likes by upgrading your membership to the premium.
  2. Super Boost: Super Boost feature allows you to put your profile under the priority suggestions in your prospective matches’ daily recommendations. The feature works a miracle in enhancing your profile’s reach and making it easier to quickly find a match.
  3. Boost: The feature works like the Super-Boost, but for a brief period and puts your profile on top of 30 minutes’ recommendations. Nevertheless, 30 minutes can work miracles on a fast-paced dating platform.
  4. Passport: As the name suggests, the feature lets you travel around the world virtually. You can switch between multiple locations using this feature and get profile recommendations from all around the world and not just your locality.
  5. Top picks: Based on the information you provide at the registration time, the platform picks daily suggestions matching your dating preferences. It saves you a lot of time looking for a preferred date, and you can make your next move instead of searching for a match.
  6. Rewind: It may happen that you did not mean to left swipe a user profile but unintentionally did so, and such profiles won’t appear on your screen until you use the “Rewind” feature. However, it is worth mentioning that the feature is not available for free, and you will have to upgrade your membership to premium to access this feature.
  7. Traveller alert: Now, this is the feature that many LGBTQ and transsexual dating sites do not pay attention to; in many countries, sexual preference other than straight is considered a legal offence. While many online dating websites fail to acknowledge this issue, Tinder has developed a feature that notifies you of such legal complications.
  8. Traveller alert
  9. Distress signal: God forbid, but if your real-life date with a Tinder match goes south, you can send a distress signal to your friends and family through the third-party app named “moonlight” by sharing your location, time, and identity of your date. However, this feature is currently available in the United States only, but it plans to roll this feature in other regions.
  10. Photo verification: Any online dating platform is the first choice for the scamming and phishing since the users can easily be lured into a trap. To curb such issues, Tinder has developed a photo verification system that will need you to pose in some specific positions in real-time. The platform will then match these selfies with the ones that you have posted on profile, and the users with successful photo verification will get a blue tick on their profiles. The blue tick on a user profile allows you to differentiate the verified profiles from the suspicious profiles.
  11. Swipe night: Swipe Night is a story game where users are presented with certain hypothetical situations in a story and multiple choices to deal with those situations. You will have to complete your account by choosing the most suitable option; in the end, you will get profile suggestions of the users who have completed the story with similar options as yours.
  12. Read receipt: This is an exciting feature that allows you to know whether your match has read your messages without letting them know. However, this purchase is not available to free users on the platform.
  13. Tinder U: The Tinder U feature is specifically designed for university students; using this feature, the students can swipe through the user profiles of other students on their university campus. However, if you wish, you can switch between the universities to explore around a bit.

Mobile Application of This Platform

Tinder initially launched its services on the app platform only, and since its launch, the app has become a hit and has been downloaded millions of times on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is available on both the app stores and can be downloaded for free of cost. The app can not be directly downloaded from the website, but it redirects you to the app download page of Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

As per this Tinder review, the platform has optimized its website to work efficiently on smartphones and tablets as well. The app design and features are laid out in a very appealing and dynamic layout, making the app convenient. You can quickly locate all the app’s essential features since all the vital sections are differentiated into different tabs to toggle between easily.

Signing Up on This Trendy App

Signing Up on the Tinder website and app is pretty straightforward, and it only takes only a couple of minutes to set up your account on the platform. You can sign up through their website or mobile app to create your account on the website.

  1. To Sign up, you have to provide your e-mail Id or Phone number to get the verification code.
  2. After completing the verification step, you need to agree to the website terms and conditions to proceed further.
  3. Once you agree on the website rules, you have to fill in some personal details like First name, Birthdate, Gender, Sexual orientation, Show me, School name, Add photos, and allow location to set up your Tinder Account.

Apart from google account and mobile number, you can also register yourself on this dating site through your Facebook account. Choose whatever option suits you best. After completing the above steps, now you are all set to find a perfect match to date. Just after setting up your profile, the website starts giving you matches to choose the best one according to your interest.

Various Subscription Plans and Costs

Various Subscription Plans and Costs

Tinder offers TWO premium membership plans viz. Gold, Plus. However, the cost of these premium plans differs for everyone based on their age. The features and services available to premium and free users differ from each other.

The cost structure of premium plans is tabulated hereunder:

Duration Cost per month Total
Tinder Gold (for users under 28yrs)
One month 14.99 USD per month 14.99 USD
Six months 8.83 USD per month 52.99 USD
One year 6.92 USD per month 82.99 USD
Tinder Gold (for users over 28yrs)
One month 29.99 USD per month 29.99 USD
Six months 18.83 USD per month 112.99 USD
One year 12.50 USD per month 149.99 USD
Tinder Plus (for users under 28yrs)
One month 9.99 USD per month 9.99 USD
Six months 5.83 USD per month 34.99 USD
One year 4.58 USD per month 54.99 USD
Tinder Plus (for users over 28yrs)
One month 19.99 USD per month 19.99 USD
Six months 10 USD per month 60 USD
One year 6.67 USD per month 80 USD

Features of Free Membership on this Platform

Services and features available to free users:

  1. Register on the platform and create a profile
  2. Right-swipe and left-swipe through the user profiles
  3. Add multiple pictures to your profile.
  4. Get profile recommendations from your vicinity.
  5. Get one free Super-Like every day.
  6. Get limited swipes per day.

Features of a Paid Membership on this Dating Website

Services and features available to premium users:

  1. Get unlimited Super-Likes
  2. Rewind and access your previous left swipes
  3. Switch between the locations around the world
  4. Get unlimited swipes
  5. Feature your profile on top of other profiles
  6. Get daily top picks

User Safety and Security on This Platform

User Safety and Security on This Platform

No online dating dating site can achieve the amount of success as Tinder without ensuring its users’ safety & security. This site indeed has walked the extra mile to provide top-notch safety to its users. The platform invests a lot to safeguard its users’ interests from secure payment gateways to the immaculately protected user base and a prompt user support system.

The platform employs all the latest technologies, firewalls, and safety protocols that curb the risks of data theft and brute force entry attacks on the platform’s servers. Aside from all this, the website has also incorporated some direct safety features for its users, such as:

  1. You can immediately block and report an abusive or ill behaving member on the platform.
  2. You can use services of the third-party app NoonLight on this platform to send out distress messages if your real-life date with a Tinder match goes bad.
  3. The platform has introduced a photo verification system that uses real-time poses to determine the authenticity of the pictures uploaded by a user on the profile.
  4. The platform allows you to remove a user from your match list. If you think that the user is ill behaving and abusive, you can also report them to admins and block their user profile to refrain them from contacting you in the future.

How Strict Is the Validating Process of Tinder?

The registration on the platform is speedy. Anyone can join the platform and create a profile within a couple of minutes by providing some simple information about themselves. You can register on the website using a Facebook account, Google, or phone number. You can register on the platform through the Tinder website, as well as the app.

How Can You Get in Touch With the Officials of Tinder?

You can reach Tinder officials by writing to them at 8750 North Central Expressway, Suite #1400, Dallas, TX-75231, USA. If you are more of a call person, you can call them on 1-214-576-9352 for any query that you might have.

Final Verdict of This Detailed Review

Final Verdict of This Detailed Review

Tinder needs no introduction; with its immensely massive user base and extraordinary services, the platform has established itself as a giant in the online dating industry. Singles with different dating needs from around the world get on this site to find a suitable match. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, i.e., from hookups to a serious, long-lasting relationship, Tinder provides dating solutions to everyone. This platform has the potential of delivering results to even a free user. It is a versatile platform that offers extraordinary services to the LGBTQ community as well. The platform provides many features and solutions to the transgender community that even many dating sites fail to deliver. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Tinder is the one-stop dating destination for every single out there.

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