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Tagged Review: A Youngsters’ Platform Welcoming All

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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-34
Profiles 23 550 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Tagged website provides many special features;
  • You can send customized “tags”;
  • The service has been on the market for more than sixteen years.
  • There have been some controversies concerning email spam and client protection;
  • The matching system is malfunctioning;
  • Location-based search practically doesn’t work.

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Tagged started operating in 2004 as one of the dating sites and youngster-oriented platforms. Two business buddies, its developers, Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith, needed to make a dating version of “Yahoo!” for adults. It now has more than 300 million clients joined with sister brand Hi5 that also belongs to the parent company “The Meet Gathering.” The main principle behind this company’s work is to match people with various intentions. You can use Tagged for finding a friend, as well as meeting the love of your life. Its users mainly love the site because it is continuously developing and not ceasing to exist even when its opponent, social network Facebook, was extremely popular.

Key Design Features, User-Friendliness & Usability

Key Design Features, User-Friendliness & Usability

Not every dating site comes up with so many unusual features and unique services. Moving GIFs that give every profile a unique look, various text styles, and profile personalization tools allow people to express themselves. However, the primary reason for this interface is absent. Bright designs and features do not guarantee the quality of profiles. The abundance of games makes Tagged less a web-based dating site and more like an informal community for creative individuals.

You can apply search filters to narrow the circle of people to browse and contact anyone. In terms of user-friendliness, Tagged is a versatile and convenient site. It provides its users with the basic features needed to get in touch and understand a person. You can swipe through people on the “Meet Me” section and explore user profiles for free. However, bright designs distract you from paying attention to the essential details. You spend more time figuring out what kind of person you deal with because every profile is arranged in a unique and often over cluttered style.

On the main page, you see your possible matches, pets you should purchase on the game and a feed with consistent individuals’ updates. Not all of these features are necessary for dating, and you could correctly do without them. Although terms of use do not expose nudity, you will see various dangerously provoking photos and posts on the main page.

At the point when you first visit the Tagged website, you may not enjoy the interface and understand where to find all the necessary features. When it started operating, the site intended to help youngsters meet, and its design focused on clients younger than 18. Its main working principles were social cooperation among junior and senior high schoolers. In 2006, Tagged began accepting everyone, paying little mind to age or people’s social background. You will not meet mature singles on it. However, today, the site’s participation socioeconomics shows that more than 60 percent of clients are between the ages of 30 and 49. It is not, at this point, a youngster site.

Nonetheless, a significant number of essential services focused on a more youthful crowd continue. Tagged is attempting to be both a high schooler informal organization and a dating disclosure application for grown-ups. Today those who join the site may not notice this unusual blend and lose interest in a comprehensive structure.

The matching, communication, and all features are connected with the interaction between people who have a youngster feel. You can see the high-school touch in everything. According to the multiple Tagged reviews, this site is a mix of Facebook and Tinder, where people from different backgrounds and preferences in terms of dating meet to communicate. The reconciliation of online social games on the stage strengthens its appearance as an informal organization focused on more youthful individuals, not a dating stage.

Despite the first impression you may have about it, Tagged has consistently developed in prevalence as an asset for meeting individuals for dating and hookups. You will not meet people seeking serious relationships on the platform, similarly to many other dating sites. Most members seek fun; others tell about their sexual inclinations straightforwardly.

Audience Quality and the Search Filters Available

Audience Quality and the Search Filters Available

During its obtaining of Hi5 in 2011, Tagged likewise assimilated all of its members. Tagged now has more than 100 million unique clients, and more than 230 million users switched to this service from Hi5 after the latter has closed. Male users prevail on the site, making up 83% of the audience.

The core of the audience are people aged 18-34. Thus, 50% of clients access the web page through the application, while the other half uses it. Tagged was initially a dating site for mature people, but today, 11% of all people registered are teenagers. This social network and a dating platform are suitable for all kinds of dating. Serious relationships, friendship, or casual dating are the main spheres of user interest. You can openly specify your orientation and be sure to meet a person from any specter. However, the Tagged website is not the best for seeking a one-night stand since the site doesn’t allow posting or sending nude photos.

Tagged has dependable maintenance and commitment among the African American people group in the U.S. One hundred twenty million users come from the USA. African-Americans rule the site, making up 42% of the individuals, Caucasians make up 41%, and Hispanics contribute to 12%. There is no data concerning the religious inclinations of Tagged users.

The Special Features This Dating Platform Provides

The Special Features This Dating Platform Provides

Two basic features that any Tagged review emphasizes relate to the arranged interaction between people. The first is the rundown of profiles on your home screen that shows you people within easy reach or at least the location not far away. You have to swipe through the profiles to receive matches and reject people you do not like at first glance. In that include, you have indicated a progression of profiles that you should either swipe right to like or swipe left to pass. If the two individuals swipe right, these users can start a chat.

According to the Tagged reviews, roughly 50% of the individuals from the list of potential matches suit the requirements and are not far away from the user. Regardless of how you change the search filters or update the page, the matches do not get better. Reaching out to people on Tagged happens through messages. Whenever you get one, the site sends you a notification to not miss any text. Sending messages is free for all users. This service is more a social network than a dating site. Thus, it doesn’t limit your messaging possibilities.

Users get matches every day, but this feature isn’t essential on the landing page either. Instead, it’s the feed that is continually refreshed and contains posts from everybody. You can manage it to see the positions of your friends or people who fall under your expectations for a potential partner. Even though Tagged provides a separate section for finding a match, the search results are illogical. Many of them do not correspond to the filters that you apply. It seems that the matching algorithm is random anyway. It depends on your inquiry measures, which consist of:

  • the sexual orientation of a potential partner;
  • their age;
  • nation;
  • city;
  • closeness to you.

You can also receive matches through the swiping game called “Meet Me.” This section of the site shows you online people, and you have to like or dislike them until you get a match.

This dating site boasts of many unusual games and highlights if compared to other popular dating sites. You can spend hours on Tagged, playing games and swiping people. Every user is free to express his individuality and use different styles to arrange their profile.


Pets is a game that allows you to purchase and sell different users. Someone can buy and sell you as well. You start with an estimation of around 12 million Qd (the cash in the game). You can purchase different individuals at the cost of 0.01 Qd. You should beware because anyone can buy your pets from you at any time. As you are buying more Tagged pets, your worth increments, and you get money rewards. When someone buys you, you receive a payback of 10% of the money you won. The basic principle is to engage in this purchase and-sell exchange game. When you stop being active, your worth will fall.


LUV is the gifts-exchanging game. Every client, according to the Tagged review, gets 10 LUV points regularly. Each time you give and get LUV, your profile appears in the top search results and gets more attention. When you give somebody LUV, they’ll get extra LUV to provide for another person. For each LUV you get, the bar underneath your photograph in your profile increments. The bigger is a bar, the more LUV you’ve gotten from different individuals. You fundamentally get boasting rights and show every other person how famous and cherished you are on Tagged.

The Mobile Version of the Site: Applications’ Relevance

The Mobile Version of the Site: Applications’ Relevance

You can download the Tagged app for free on iOS or Android. The application has, to a greater extent, a dating administration feel than the site. In the application, the “Meet Me” section is the primary feature, while in the site, the games appeared to be the need. Additionally, the application has a more straightforward interface than the site.

The adjustable profiles with “skins” do not work in the application. When you see somebody’s profile, it will contain the standard text style and a spotless, white foundation. The apps have more than 10 million downloads.

Registration Process and Profile Interface

Registration Process and Profile Interface

To join Tagged, you can either synchronize your Google or Facebook account to the dating profile or verify the authenticity of the information you provide with your telephone number or email. You should then enter your name, sex, birth date, and the area where you live. This primary data is necessary to access the search and matching facilities. You should also add a photograph to send and get messages. The Tagged application has five primary features: Peruse, Meet Me, Visit, Live, and Pets. To use them, you should create a profile.

The service gives you an alternative to discover email contacts who have already registered on Tagged. Because it requires an email check, you should be ready to realize those people and other users.

After confirming your email by tapping on the link in the letter or entering a code sent to your email inbox, you can completely access it. You can peruse your feed for posts, play the games, and message different individuals. You may alter your profile later to give more understanding of what your identity is.

The Tagged reviews note that the profile interface is lively and catchy. Users can upload gifs and YouTube videos to their profiles. You can change the overall design of the account by choosing another “skin.” Unfortunately, the emphasis is on the outer presentation more than the inner world of the person. Many profiles are blank or do not contain many details. Although all users can access the profile description and photos of others, this is not always enough to understand a person.

The profile pictures in the form of GIFs can be files that you download anyplace on the web. You can set a subject for your profile using the Skins, accessible inside the site (or make your own). Users can also change their header, foundation, textual style, passage headings, and the sky’s limit. In these terms, Tagged resembles a blog more than other dating sites. However, the bright interface doesn’t guarantee the quality of profiles.

Costs and Prices for the Special Services

Costs and Prices for the Special Services

The free Tagged membership limits your capacity to start discussions with different individuals. To access all the features and have the maximum user-friendliness possible, you should pay a premium subscription that starts from $9.99 every month. This kind of participation permits you to see who has visited your profile, check if your messages have been delivered, and when a user reads them. You can also boost your profile and personalize the matching to make it at least more accurate.

You can purchase an upgraded subscription or separate coins to enjoy additional possibilities in the games. The price for the Tagged subscription is average if compared to the costs on other dating sites.

The Tagged membership price:

  • One month for $ 10;
  • Three months for $ 21;
  • Six months for $ 31.

The Tagged credits price:

  • 2,500 Credits for $ 5;
  • 10,000 Credits for $ 10;
  • 25,000 Credits for $ 20;
  • 75,000 Credits for $ 50;
  • 200,000 Credits for $ 100;
  • 400,000 Credits for $ 200.

Free Services You Get as a Basic User

What you can do for free:

  • register an account;
  • send messages;
  • browse people;
  • receive matches;
  • leave likes and comments;
  • play games.

Fee-Based Services for the Premium Participants

What you should pay for:

  • contacting new users;
  • seeing who has liked visited you;
  • prioritizing your messages;
  • accessing the profiles of popular users.
Terms of Use, Security and Privacy Measures Implemented

Terms of Use, Security and Privacy Measures Implemented

If you read the Tagged reviews, you will find out that clients like it for its free, simple to-utilize interface. This interpersonal platform creates a favorable environment for its members to meet and converse with new individuals on the web. The game’s capacities are additionally well known.

This dating service is famous for its games, including the ‘Pets’ game. It is one kind element that permits you to ‘own,’ ‘purchase,’ and ‘sell’ different virtual money members. You can rival every one of your Companions or purchase and sell Pets as you meet cool new users in the game. The coins used in the game are virtual. However, it would help if you bought it for real money.

This principle doesn’t mean that Tagged is a scam. Many sites offer their users games where you should pay to receive virtual cash. However, matching and location-based searches on the site are ineffective. Games can be one way to push people to spend money on the platform, especially when the messaging is free.

A considerable number of collaborations occur on the foundation of Tagged consistently. Here are the security measures they implement:

  • Solid and Clear Norms. The provider has clear and points by point arrangements of worthy client direct, which they routinely audit and uphold. Minors are not allowed on their foundation, and a minor endeavoring to sign in would be hindered.
  • Acknowledgment of Guidelines. Tagged telecasters depend upon a full-screen token of substance guidelines to recognize each time before they can go live.
  • Compelling Observing and Control. The company gives more than 350 individuals, the more significant part of its workforce, to provide security and control. The Tagged company influences A.I. and human balance to discover proactively, square, and eliminate the most damaging content.
  • Conspicuous Report Misuse Catch. All their openly posted content, including recordings, profiles, and photographs, have the most conspicuous Report Misuse catch of any primary live streaming application.
  • Nonstop Screening for Sex Guilty Parties. Tagged screens new registrants against information bases of known sex wrongdoers in the U.S. also consistently re-screens dynamic clients against these matching records, obstructing enlistments and action from known sex wrongdoers.
  • Complex Utilization of Innovations. The company utilizes a mix of innovation and human connection to guarantee consistency, including algorithmic printed investigation intended to spot peculiarities that warrant extra examination (for example, clients uncovering that the age on their profile isn’t precise).
  • Teaching Clients. Tagged finds a way to teach its clients about the likely dangers of online movement, particularly the possible threats of meeting an outsider face to face.
  • It Works Inseparably with the Business. The provider takes an interest effectively in 360 X-Industry Hack, a notable exertion driven by Microsoft and including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others to create instruments to battle kid sexual misuse on the web.
  • Engaged with Industry Associations. Tagged is the leading group of the Internet Dating Affiliation and takes part in the Family Online Wellbeing Foundation.
What Profile Verification Does the Tagged Website Provide?

What Profile Verification Does the Tagged Website Provide?

At the point when a client sets up a record on Tagged, the protection settings open in front of him. This set of rules contains a description of your rights and obligations as a user of the dating site’s community. All data that you entered in your open profile will be visible to anybody with a record. Besides, any user will be able to message or reach out to you in another way. Clients ought to consistently survey security settings when opening another informal community. In case you consider any user suspicious, you can report them.

Change messaging settings to limit undesirable contacts. Whether you join Facebook or receive matches based on your Facebook account settings, this doesn’t mean your Tagged account is private. The dating site is not in the right to post anything on your behalf. However, the company may collect some data to perfect the matching algorithms’ work and site personalization.

What Details Do You Need to Contact the Tagged Support?

Getting in touch with the moderators is easy if you own the next information:

  • Company: Ifwe, Inc.
  • Address: 848 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
  • Phone: 415-956-1377
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Thoughts Concerning the Site’s Worthiness

Tagged is most suitable for people from their twenties to their forties. You won’t discover nakedness on the site. However, a small portion of the photographs is still not safe for work. Tagged began as a “social disclosure site” yet inevitably attempted to enter the internet dating industry. To this day, the site has not yet figured out which one it is trying to be. It is too bright and unusual for a social network, yet the poor matching functionality doesn’t allow it to be a popular dating site.

The client help administration is unsatisfactory, and the paid subscription truly gives you one valuable extra. Tagged doesn’t work for casual dating, but you can turn to it to find new friends. After all, 230 million users have been enjoying this site for more than sixteen years. If you are a fan of outstanding functionality, vivid designs, and game-like matching, you should try Tagged, one of the best dating sites.

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