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SwingLifestyle Review: An In-Depth Explanation of the Platform

SwingLifestyle Review: An In-Depth Explanation of the Platform
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 985 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy and fast registration.
  • Great value.
  • An extensive user base.
  • Several local and international events.
  • Antiquated interface.
  • No audio or video chat.
  • Advertises other products like supplements.

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SwingLifestyle is one of the most popular swinger dating sites. Following the stigma attached to swinging, the website publicizes itself as an “alternative lifestyle dating” site, catering to the swingers’ niche.

The platform attracts open and friendly swingers for alternative relationships, including orgies, threesome, partner swapping, etc.

In addition to these bedroom tricks, the swinger platform may also be of assistance in networking. It has features that let a user enter or join groups, events, and forums. SLS claims to be a society abounding in sex and atypical ties.

In this SwingLifestyle review, we will explain in detail all there is to know about the SwingLifestyle.

A Look Into the Design and Usability of the Site

A majority of the swinging and dating sites’ major functionalities are usually on the left side of the page. This arrangement allows for easy navigation regardless of which page you are on.

Members receive notification by a pop-up and a sound, such that they will be hard to miss. The tools are user-friendly; even the oldest swingers on the site can understand their functions. Although the illustrations and icons are out-of-date, they do not prevent members from having a superb swinging experience.

A Look Into the Design and Usability of the Site

Default galleries

There are default galleries on the SwingLifestyle website:

  • The default private gallery;
  • The default public gallery;
  • The default personal gallery.

The public gallery contains photos that everyone can access. The private images are automatically added to the private gallery the moment it is uploaded. Here, no hardcore (vagina/penis), illegal activities, or kids’ pictures are allowed.

Only Premium members, to whom a user has chosen access, can view Private Galleries. Free members cannot view Private Galleries even if they get access to them. No hardcore, kids’ pictures or those depicting illegal practices are allowed. Only premium members who have access to view a user’s Personal gallery can see it.

The Personal gallery can be seen by only SwingLifestyle premium members who have been given access to view.

In this gallery, hardcore pictures are allowed, but it is highly prohibited to post images of kids or those portraying illegal activities.

The concept of Moderate, Tame, and Wild

These terms are interest levels, showing the degree of user interest in different swinging types.

  • Tame includes activities such as same room sex with own partner.
  • Moderate implies contact with other members. Such contact includes oral play; full sex is not possible.
  • Wild involves swapping and full sex with someone besides your partner.

Changing of usernames

Regardless of the kind of membership a user has, they cannot change their usernames.

Changing passwords

  • On the menu, select tools;
  • Hit the “Update your profile” button;
  • Then click the edit your button under the password tab.

Blocking someone

  • To block someone, visit their profile;
  • On the list of icons, under “Notes”, there lies the Block button.

Unblocking someone

  • On the menu, find “Friends,” there lies the list of blocked users;
  • To unblock them, click the “Remove Block” button.

Adding a date to Hot Date

  • Select the plus icon, located at the top right of the calendar;
  • Then you will be redirected to a page to add the details of the event.

Posting erotic stories

To add erotic stories:

  • Go to the menu;
  • Select “Sex stories,” and then “Authors”.
  • Hit the “Add stories” button. There you can write or paste your sex story.

Deleting an account

Deleting an account
  • On the menu, choose “Tools”.
  • Then select “Delete your profile.” Fortunately, the site will prompt you to stop your ongoing premium subscription before entirely deleting your account.

Suspension or revocation use privileges

SwingLifestyle can terminate or disable members’ accounts access to the website or certain tools. Upon termination of a premium account, all licenses and privileges associated with the account are terminated. Any remaining portion of the membership payments is non-refundable.

Structure of the Members That Make Up the Platform

With more than 16 million registered users globally, SwingLifestyle is pretty popular. Most of the members are typically from nations like Australia, Germany, the UK, and the USA. The platform also attracts over 5 million visitors worldwide and is used in Latin American, European, and Asian territories. When it comes to interacting with fellow members, the people on the platform are active as well. The site registers about 7000 new members, and with about 300 chat rooms, the members record a minimum of 5000 active users at any given moment.

SwingLifestyle members are also proactive; they know how to get what they want. During our test, a couple contacted us stating that they knew how restricted chatting is for standard members, so they gave their kik username. The first messages users receive are usually straightforward propositions.

The platform has become popular with young male users, owing to its direct approach to sex. Members aged 18-25 frequent this transexual dating site.

What Unique Feature Can One Enjoy on the Platform?

This platform doesn’t just offer swingers the opportunity to interact with other swingers on the website; it also encourages them to meet in events both grand and intimate.

  • Hot Date

This SwingLifestyle feature is a public calendar where members can tell other members when they are free or find someone willing to go out on a date on that particular day. Hot Date can work either as an event announcement tool or speed dating.

Using this functionality, a member can schedule a meeting with another member or many members simultaneously.

What Unique Feature Can One Enjoy on the Platform?
  • Events

If your local club events are missing on SLS, shout out to them to join SwingLifestyle.com. There are several tools at one’s disposal to post events.

If you are planning on hosting just one event, simply add a hot date to the hot date C

Calendar. However, if you plan to host events regularly, the most convenient way to do so is by creating an SLS Group.

After filling out and submitting the Group Registration form, please allow up to 5 business days for your Group’s application to be processed.

When creating your Group, be sure to make it a Public Group if you want all SwingLifestyle members to see your events.

If you manage a licensed Club, a large and licensed hotel, or have grown your SLS Group over a long period; you might be eligible for a VIP profile listing.

  • Search

There is a valuable search feature accessible to both the standard and premium subscribers on this platform. Using various filters, including gender, age, sexual preferences, and age, you can enhance your search. Every profile shows the username, physical statistics, and the user’s level of kinkiness ranging from ‘tame’ to ‘wild.’ Going through the search results, you will have so many clickable links from which you can select. Hit the ‘profile’ to view the user’s profile, then on ‘mail’ to send the member an email.

  • Video IM

This video feature makes it very convenient to interact with people as both parties can see each other while having a conversation.

  • Travel

With over 15 years of experience in the lifestyle travel industry, this swinging site has spawned its travel agency. SwingLifestyle has an agency created especially for its members called Topless Travel. While most of the events are long cruises to swinger destinations, there are still safari adventures, parades, intimate house parties, etc.

  • Chat Rooms and Forums

The SwingLifestyle website has chatrooms and forums to spice up interaction. Comments contributed to the online dialogue are made public instantly and are attributed to the username. Members are therefore advised to use discretion in what they submit on this platform.

  • SLS Radio

This feature is unique as you don’t see a lot of radio functionality on dating sites. With this tool, you can listen to music and announcements, etc., while finding a date or interacting with other members on forums.

  • Favorites

When you find someone you like, you can put them on your list of favorites for easy access.

  • Swinger Clubs

SwingLifestyle has an active US map where people can click on their states and find clubs that cater to the SwingLifestyle. The administrators didn’t create it themselves; members are urged to upload their clubs. These clubs must be members-only. In other words, no adult theaters, adult clubs or public bars, etc.

Which Devices Supports the Site’s Mobile Application?

Which Devices Supports the Site’s Mobile Application?

This platform started as a desktop-only platform. Fortunately, an app has been developed, and it is available for free as “SLS Official” on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The app shares a similar layout with the desktop version of the swinging platform.

How Easy Is It to Create an Account?

An individual has to be at least 18 years to be eligible to create an account with SwingLifestyle. Registration may take about 5-7 minutes, but it is necessary to ensure a user has a comprehensive profile. Looking to get some swinging action, provide the information below:

  • A unique profile name;
  • Password;
  • Account type (female /male/ couple).

Then, the new user needs to type in the four-digit value shown in the picture.

Sign up can be done on the SwingLifestyle website at sls.com. By checking the “terms and condition” box and clicking the “Create Account” button, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will enter:

  • A name — necessary for account management, and only visible by the administrators;
  • An email, which will not be displayed on the profile;
  • Location (Postal code or city name).

By clicking next, you will be redirected to a new page, where you have to provide the following information:

  • What kind of pleasure you are looking for on SwingLifestyle:
  • Watch (Tame pleasure)
  • Soft (Moderate pleasure)
  • Full (wild pleasure)

Basic details:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Sexual orientation
  • Drinking habit
  • Smoking habit

Who you want to meet:

  • Couple
  • Single female
  • Single male
  • The age range you are interested in:
  • Youngest
  • Oldest

On the final SwingLifestyle registration page, you will be asked to write a short tag and a brief description of:

  • Yourself;
  • Your fantasies and experiences;
  • Purpose of joining the platform.

Finally, it is not compulsory to upload a profile image right away. Users can start searching for matches immediately after sign up.

Premium members can decide to hide their profiles from standard members. This feature comes in handy when a user only wants to be contacted by committed swingers. However, the premium members can see the standard users’ profiles, and if they fancy them, they will initiate a conversation.

Nude profile images are blurred for standard users. This approach seems like an excellent idea as it will discourage and keep the scammers away from the platform.

Different Membership Types and Their Prices

Different Membership Types and Their Prices

SwingLifestyle offers free, premium, and lifetime memberships. In this SwingLifestyle review section, we will discuss these membership types, their cost, and the features they provide.

What Features Can Free Members Access?

One can become a standard member by just completing the registration process. Standard members have restricted access to the site’s functionalities. Below are some of the features accessible to standard members:

  • Search Profiles;
  • View Profiles;
  • Hot dates Forums;
  • Block Members;
  • Affiliate Membership — This is the only unlimited feature.

Are the Premium Services Worth it?

After completing Registration and approval of your Profile by Dashboard Hosting, new members can choose to become a premium member by selecting a subscription plan and making payment. Premium members enjoy extra access to the site’s content and features.

Premium members can access the following functionalities:

  • Video Instant messaging;
  • Send Mail;
  • Video/Group Chat;
  • Group Ownership;
  • Club Ownership;
  • Private Pictures;
  • Nudity;
  • Rate Clubs.

Lifetime Members

Users can choose to get lifetime memberships. There is no subscription renewal or monthly payments with this type of membership. The only payment they have to make is the initial amount paid to obtain the Lifetime user account. SwingLifestyle Lifetime Members can access the site’s functionalities until the dating platform is made unavailable or shut down, or the account is disabled for some reason. However, the administrators will make all reasonable efforts to keep the website working.

In addition to the features accessible to premium members, lifetime members can do the following:

  • Approve New Members;
  • Personal Pictures;
  • First to access New Upgrades;
  • Approve New Personal and public Images.

Content Gatekeepers

Changing of usernames

Some Lifetime users have chosen to filter and review Visual Content and monitor chat rooms. The administrators reserve the right to revoke the privileges and responsibilities of Content Gatekeepers at its discretion. Content gatekeepers are also seen as lifetime members.

Charter Members

These are users who have unique certifications on their Profiles, showing that they were an integral part of the website’s original members. Charter Members have the same obligations and privileges as Lifetime Members.

VIP Members

Users may apply to become SwingLifestyle VIP members. However, it is Dashing Hostings who decide if a user qualifies for a VIP membership. VIP members are allowed to post information about future events in the appropriate areas. The moderators reserve the right to post Party Information on the platform and affiliate websites. VIP Members are considered paid members for all other purposes.

Premium membership cost

Duration Cost per month Total
One month $14.95 $14.95
Three months $9.98 $29.95
Six months $8.33 $49.95
Twelve months $5.83 $69.95
Lifetime $149.95

According to several SwingLifestyle reviews from members, the price is moderate.

Payment options

  • Cheque
  • Credit Card

However, they must be made payable to Dashboardhosting LLC, not SwingLifestyle.

Billing and Refund

After completing the sign-up and getting approval, you may become a premium member paying a membership fee. Premium members have broader access to the contents and tools of the site. Dashboard Hosting does not retain credit card numbers or their expiration dates.

All subscription payments made to Dashboard Hosting are non-transferable and non-refundable.

How Committed Is the Platform in Providing Security to Its Members?

How Committed Is the Platform in Providing Security to Its Members?

Lifestyle has put in place security measures to prevent the disclosure or unauthorized access to and safeguard the data users provide on the platform. The password-protected portion of the website lets users enter unique identifiers like usernames and passwords.

SwingLifestyle security systems are designed to prevent hackers from accessing members’ data. With the help of some software programs, the administrators monitor network traffic to detect unauthorized efforts to modify or upload information or cause damage.

Below is a guideline and code of conduct binding the use of chatrooms on the platform.

  • Don’t advertise competing websites, other sites, or businesses in the chatroom. These adverts are considered “Spam” and may cause a member to get removed from the chatroom.
  • Do not spam the chatroom with unnecessary messages.
  • Kindly note that some users perceive text written entirely in block capitals as shouting. Sending texts written entirely in block capitals is frowned upon; however, nobody gets removed from the chatroom for such offense.
  • Be respectful to other users.
  • Never use the chatroom for any illegal purpose.
  • Don’t use the chatroom to promotes prostitution or traffickers in advertising the sale of illegal sex acts.
  • A member should only be removed from a chatroom if they are abusing it. Terrible abuse includes the following:
  • Sending multiple insulting, disrespectful, and rude comments to fellow members.
  • Sending messages that suggest or discuss bestiality or sexual intercourse with minors;
  • Posting outside website addresses or contact addresses
  • Sending multiple messages or spam to disturb the chatroom
  • Sending threatening messages to others.
  • Abuse of the power to remove other users from a chatroom may cause in the removal of the power to remove members in the future.
  • If removed from a chatroom, don’t retaliate.

SwingLifestyle expects every member of the website to act accordingly, and the right of other members. The site is focused on protecting the community of members from becoming victims of fraud, data theft, etc.

How Does SwingLifestyle Verify Its Members?

The site does not conduct image verification; however, new users will have to verify their account via the email provided during registration.

How to Reach SwingLifestyle Help Center?

Members can contact customer support anytime at techsupport@SwingLifestyle.com. They are available to help members with any difficulty they may encounter while using the site. This assistance includes choosing the best subscription, how to delete an account, how to change a profile picture etc.

Any user who believes than another member has misbehaved, like violating the site’s code of conduct, may report to the support department. The site’s moderators will probe the accusation and reserve the right to take action against the person involved.

Concluding Thoughts on the Review of This Swinging Platform

Concluding Thoughts on the Review of This Swinging Platform

All in all, SwingLifestyle is an amazing website for those wanting to meet with other swingers in their area. According to SwingLifestyle reviews from members, the platform is not perfect, but it provides a boatload of great and useful features. From our SwingLifestyle review, we suggest that users upgrade to premium membership, as standard members have limited features.

In addition to interactivity, this platform offers exclusive functionalities such as adult toys, DVDs, erotic stories, etc. Although the SwingLifestyle website can use a little web redesign, developers ensured their tools served their purpose.

While there are other swinging dating sites on the internet, they do not offer most of the features that SwingLifestyle provides.

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