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OurTime Review: Dating Site for 50+ Singles

OurTime Review: Dating Site for 50+ Singles
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 35-65
Profiles 910 000
Reply Rate 72%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • OurTime website offers extensive search filters where members can find their potential matches through location, gender, age-range, etc.
  • The site offers a live chat feature to create an in-depth connection.
  • The private call and voicemail features are efficient to pluck out scammers and fake accounts from the dating site.
  • The site offers a plethora of features for communication and searches.
  • The robust matching algorithm which provides handpicked matches daily to members.
  • The member base of OurTime is not huge as compared to its sister site Match.com.
  • Members have to upgrade their account to have unlimited access to all features.
  • You cannot find members of younger age.
  • Uploading profile photo to make your profile visible on the dating platform.

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You have turned 50; what’s next? Dating sites present OurTime review that will give you plenty of options to keep your life interesting, even after 50. A project of People Medias OurTime was launched in 2011.

What is the aim of the site?

It aims to offer dating services to those who reach their golden years. Men or women can seek love or dating partners on this site. You can search for potential matches, create an intimate connection, and meet within or outside your vicinity. The site aims to provide potential partners that turn into long-term committed relationships, love, or marriages.

OurTime is a strong community which not only allows its members to connect but gives them a larger pool to meet with other site members. People Media is the pioneer of senior dating websites. Similar to OurTime, the media company also ventures SeniorsMeet and SeniorPeopleMeet. All these three dating websites together make a huge community where the members can meet new matches daily. Though the features of each site are different from each, they are united through their niche.

Interface and Navigation of the Dating Website

Interface and Navigation of the Dating Website

OurTime website is known for its simplified layout and well-structured features. Members can easily find all the features to communicate on the menu. The left menu entails all the features users need to interact on the site, from searches to matches and help. OurTime website prioritizes the functionality of its platform to the layout and fanfare.

The incredible design of the website shows a deep understanding of their targeted audience. People in their 50s are not as tech-savvy as the young generation nowadays. The website is a blessing for them when they don’t have to search for features through a complicated layout. They can find everything on the homepage neatly organized in a list under the main menu. The readable fonts size and a large picture are another bonus that the senior members appear to have.

The simple interface allows the user to focus on the website’s dating features rather than flashy animations. A single click on any feature will direct you to the respective page without taking you through a maze. You won’t have to go through different features to find the one you are seeking.

If you are looking for matches on the OurTime website, open your menu bar and click on the matches option. The site will give your two options to find matches.

  1. Today’s Matches
  2. I’m Interested

If that’s not enough, you can play the fun game called Who Do You Like to find the best matches.

The site handpicked potential matches based on your preferences, and the criteria set by other members are in the Today Match feature. The promising part is you don’t have to see the same matches every day. These matches refresh daily, giving you a new set of options every day.

If you want to find your matches manually, the OurTime website offers extensive search filters to customize your choice. The search filters of the website include:

  • Age range;
  • Exact location or proximity;
  • Religion preference;
  • Marital status;
  • Ethnicity or race;
  • Gender you prefer;
  • Zodiac sign.
Age range

You can also search members with their blood type. Why they need filters for blood groups is a mystery. You can add your preferences as much as you want and click on the search button. The search result will give you all the matches according to your criteria. It’s a time-saving feature that lets you spend more time on interaction than finding.

You can not only search members through different filters. There is a Tinder-like swiping feature that lets you find new members based on likes and dislikes. The Who Do You Like feature gives you a chance to go through many photos and save the one that piques your interest. You can review the ones you like at a later time.

Someone visiting your profile looked at the information and your picture gallery. You would like to know who visited your profile. OurTime will notify you each time someone visits your profile. The site keeps you on track with all the activities related to your account and friends. You won’t have to remember each tiny detail as the site will be your walking talking calendar, notifying you who flirted with you, who visited your profile, and which members profile you have seen already.

Communication tools on OurTime are not for all members. You have to upgrade your membership to interact with members on the platform. Select a membership plan that suits you best and start interacting with impressive communication tools OurTime offers on the site.

How can you communicate on the site?

Take a look at the lowermost right corner of your homepage, and you will see a Live Chat option. You can communicate with members shown on the list instantly. If you want to know who they are, hover the cursor on their name, and brief information will pop up on your screen.

The OurTime review in dating sites already mentions I’m interested in features, so what is this feature’s use?

You will be presented with potential matches chosen by the site; each profile comes with two options, yes or no. You can click on the Yes tab, and a Flirt will be sent to the member notifying your interest in their profile. If you reject a profile, nobody will get hurt. You have the option to filter the search result to see my profile of those members that suit your preferences and criteria.

OurTime gives its members an option to send virtual gifts to members. If you like someone and want to show your interest, send a nice gift as a gesture of your affection. However, the facilities are not free. You will need credits to purchase them.

Audience Evaluation and Statistics of the Members

Audience Evaluation and Statistics of the Members

OurTime has a considerable member base considering the niche of the dating site. The 50 plus criteria are often disregarded in the mainstream dating websites. Either the layout of the website is too complicated for the senior members to find something useful, or there are not many matches for their age. The OurTime reviews show the satisfaction of the members with the simplicity of the dating platform.

At present, the site’s member base is about 150,000, most of its audience is from the United Kingdom and the United States. The targeted audience on the site is 50 or above. Members younger than 50 years are not welcome on the platform. Members on the site are not into flings or hookups. They are looking for meaningful relationships that end up in marriages or long term commitment.

The daily influx of login on the site is about 2000, which provides ample opportunities to find the best match. The majority of the users look for a long term straight relationship; however, few are looking for same-gender members for a long term commitment. No matter which gender or sexual preference you prefer, OurTime will find a match that suits your criteria.

Unique Features That Make the Website Stand Out

OurTime is a treasure box; it features from communication to matches; you can find impressive tools. Some of the special features of the OurTime dating platform are:


It’s a premium feature that will highlight your visibility on the site. Availing PromoteMe will rank you in the research results for a specific time window.

Virtual Gifts

How can you stand out from the crowd? If a person is getting messages from all members on the site, why should they read yours? To stand out from the other members, send your interest a virtual gift. It will get their attention and give you some brownie points.


ConnectMe is a fantastic feature when you want to take your relationship to the next level but still hesitant for the final step. The site’s communication features are not enough for you, so it’s time to take the next step. You can call your match without revealing your contact number.

OurTime will provide you with a virtual contact number through the ConnectMe feature. You can use the number to call other members without dividing your identity.


You can write an impressive profile on OurTime to attract visitors. However, if you don’t know how to write creatively or express yourself impressively, OurTime has your back. Apply for the ProfilePro feature to here professional writers who will complete your profile for you. They will make it interesting and eye-catching just in a few tokens.

Instant Match

Instant Match

It’s a game where you go through different profile pictures and send Flirt to the interested ones. The members will get a notification that someone sent interest their way.


It’s a quick method to interact with members and show your interest. Click on the Flirt button in each profile, and the recipient will know of your interest.


The site will display potential matches according to your preferences and location criteria.


If you have a habit of missing things, the OurTime website has you covered. It will remind you of unsent messages or conversations in your inbox.

Dating Tips and Advice

OurTime offers dating advice service to its members for safe dating. Members can read informative articles about dating and relationships on the site, which are useful for beginners.

Does the Site Have a Mobile Application?

Who would think someone in their 50s would need an app? OurTime offers not only a splendid dating website but also an app that is identical to the website in its features and usability. The single and straightforward layout of the app is perfect for the 50 plus audiences. The virtual stores have a high download rate for the OurTime app, which shows its popularity among the members.

You won’t see any flashy animations or bright colors, making you blind. The simple interface and readable fonts are specifically designed for senior audiences who are not acquainted with the internet’s modern bells and whistles. The app’s menu is the same as the website, and members accustomed to the desktop version won’t have any difficulty understanding the layout.

The mobile app is perfect for those on the go because of their social or professional life. You could be waiting in a line and exploring profiles or reading messages from other users.

Signup Is a Breeze With an Easy Process

Signup Is a Breeze With an Easy Process

OurTime provides dating services through websites and apps for its members. You can sign up through the website or app on your iOS or Android devices. Registration on the OurTime website does not cost anything. You have to provide the necessary information to complete the process. The first step is to provide your gender and your partner. Mention your date of birth, location, first name, valid email address, and passwords.

That’s all the information OurTime requires from its members. An email is sent to the users’ email ID for authentication.


Our time has an extensive profile layout, which is expected from the site looking for committed relationships. Let’s tell you all about the different sections of the profiles you need to add information starting with the most important ones.

Members can upload pictures from their social media account or device. The site will ask your permission to upload the picture in the extended network of the dating platform or search engines. One noteworthy point is that your profile will not be visible in the search results unless you upload a picture. It’s best to upload pictures that depict your personality and interests.

You can describe yourself in 1250 characters or less. Highlight your personality quality and mention your interests in a creative way. Choose a greeting message that will attract your audience. Select a greeting message that is impressive and interesting as a conventional starter. You can use the words witty, artistic, foodie, etc.

Add basic information like education, profession, religion, political affiliation, and income. Give details about where you grew up and your marital: either separated, divorced, or single. What kind of lifestyle do you have? Do you smoke? Do you drink? How many children do you have, etc.?

To give your viewers a transparent image about how you look, add details about your physical appearance, such as hair or eye color, ethnicity, race, body type, weight, height, etc.

Seven multiple questions will evaluate your personality for the members. The questions range from love for cooking, romantic person or not, etc.

There is a long list of interests of about 30 topics. You can choose all of your interests. You can also add a comment or opinion about that interest. Why do you like it?

You can select a maximum of four questions that members can ask when they decide to send you a message. It’s an excellent step to know more about the person who is contacting you.

Cost Structure and the Subscriptions Plan

Cost Structure and the Subscriptions Plan

OurTime website is an outstanding dating platform for senior members when they want to connect with someone deeper. The site offers both free and premium features to its members. Although it allows unlimited access, the basic features of the site still are better than other senior dating platforms can offer.

The updated cost structure of OurTime as of 2017 is established on a monthly basis. The higher the monthly plan you select, the lower its cost. You can select from different membership plans on the website if you are a newbie and test the premium features of the site, choose the one month plan for the testing period. One month’s membership plan will cost you about 34.96 USD in total. If things go better, you can opt for a three-month plan, which will only cost you 17.99 USD every month and around 54 USD. You loved the premium features and found many potential matches as well. The communication tools with the premium plans work well for you. It’s time to pull out the most significant plan and apply for a six-month membership. The plan will cost you about 96 USD in total. OurTime also offers a value subscription plan, which costs about 120 USD for six months.

You can also get a token for OurTime features, which will enable you to avail of any feature of your choice. The thickest structure for the token is as follows:

  • 55 credits for 2.99 USD;
  • 110 credits for 5.99 USD;
  • 280 credits for 9.99 USD.

OurTime has an auto-renewal system for its memberships plans. After the expiration of the monthly plan, it will automatically renew taking charges from your credit card. To see the auto-renewal setting, go to your billing settings, and change the setting plan to manual.

Standard Member Services on the Website

  • Register account through website or app;
  • Downloading the app from the virtual stores of iOS and Android;
  • Creating an impressive profile with all the details;
  • Search matches using the filters.

Fee Based Services on the Website

Fee Based Services on the Website
  • Using the ConnectMe feature to make virtual calls to members without disclosing your identity;
  • Using the NotifyMe feature of the website;
  • Using a professional writer helps to build an impressive profile by availing ProfilePro feature;
  • Increase profile visibility with the help of the PromoteMe feature;
  • The value plan members have the privilege of the highlighted profile, which boost the responsive chances.

Robust Security Measure and Privacy Policies

OurTime has comprehensive safety policies that indicate that none of the information about members will be shared unless exceptional circumstances. Some of the general information of members could be shared for marketing purposes only. If a member indicates that they are not comfortable with sharing information, their privacy will be respected. The OurTime reviews on different search engines suggest that members feel comfortable sharing testimonies and success stories.

As a beginner, don’t forget to read the tips for safe dating on the site. It will only take 5 minutes to go through all the information, but it will be worth every minute spent. Members can also block any member on the site and report any suspicious account to the moderator. OurTime has strict policies against fake profiles, and any suspicious account is instantly suspended.

The site’s profile photo rule to make your profile visible is another safety step to keep members safe from scammers.

Does OurTime Validate Profiles for Background Checks?

OurTime validates each profile on the platform by sending an authentication email to validate their identity. To join the site, members have to go to the site through the link to confirm their authenticity.

How to Reach the Customer Service of OurTime?

To reach the customer support team of OurTime, click on the Contact Us tab. The customer service is reachable through email and contact number at +1 866-727-8920. The help center knows the site answers almost all general queries of the members.

Members can search their categories and find the question they are seeking. The OurTime reviews show that the moderators are efficient in solving problems of the members.

Conclusion: Final Thought on OurTime Website

Conclusion: Final Thought on OurTime Website

The detailed OurTime review reveals that the site is a perfect dating website for 50 or above members looking for meaningful relationships. The site entails excellent features that keep the members engaged and connected with users on a deeper level. The robust matching algorithms find perfect matches that suit your criteria and preferences. There are plenty of features to communicate even with professional writers to help you write an impressive profile. You can video chat, make virtual calls, send virtual gifts, and use search filters. When you reach the golden era of your age, it’s time to make an account on OurTime and enjoy the rest of the days with your soulmate. It’s one of the best dating platforms.

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