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MeetMe Review: Is It Good for Finding a Partner?

MeetMe Review: Is It Good for Finding a Partner?
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Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • MeetMe is a combo of social and dating platforms.
  • Singles receive matches upon registration.
  • Socializing via IMs and chats is free for everyone.
  • Live streams in HD resolution.
  • Subscribers are active in chatting.
  • Top-tier customer support.
  • There is a plethora of entertaining integrations on the website.
  • The MeetMe website is not efficient for lasting encounters.
  • Profiles are weak for details.
  • Users report a scam activity.
  • There are too many pop-up ads when surfing the platform.

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MeetMe is a notorious representative of the global dating sites, where singles of different ages can socialize, arrange virtual dates, and even get fun on live streams. Minors dominate over seniors, as the legal age to join the MeetMe community is 14. Some users may not like the idea of joining the site for teenagers, but it also operates as a kind of a social platform, similar to Facebook or Tiktok. Its current dater-base exceeds 100M members globally.

Singles, who connect the MeetMe website, are not love-seekers in the global meaning of this word. They are more into non-serious encounters with people of the same hobbies and prerogatives. On the other hand, a combo of a matchmaking portal and a dating niche may appear helpful for singles in meeting new pals and starting romantic affairs on a friendship basis. MeetMe has many eccentric features that make the user experience more juicy and fun.

The Site Layout and Functionality

The Site Layout and Functionality

The MeetMe review shows that the site is easy-to-navigate due to a top-notch layout. Newbies can effortlessly register, using one of two affordable options. The interface resembles a traditional layout of social platforms with chats, forums, photo galleries, and discussion threads. Subscribers receive notifications when other daters text them. The active buttons allow users to view DMs by categories: read, new, spam, trash.

The MeetMe users can reach each other via a chat bar. To start a chat with a new member, you will require sending a request and wait until a person accepts the invite. The overall impression of the design and site functionality is positive. The only inconvenience is a plethora of advertisements that arise from nowhere when you navigate the platform. A similarity to Facebook makes the MeetMe website a favorite among minor daters. Youngsters admit they love the matchmaker’s resemblance to SM platforms and its HD functionality for live streaming.

Another useful function on the MeetMe website is the flexibility of modes. It means that daters can change their photo’s visibility status, making them accessible to friends only. Premium singles can switch on the incognito mode to browse profiles anonymously. Other subscribers will not see if you open their profile pages or view their photos with the incognito mode. Free daters cannot see who viewed them; it is a prerogative of the VIP membership.

Characteristic of the Site Audience

When monitoring the MeetMe reviews in the media environment, it becomes evident that the matchmaker stands more for casual encounters and social interactions than building long-term affairs. Unlike other global dating sites, MeetMe accepts many youngsters as the legal age to join the portal is 14. Such a youthful audience makes seniors stay aside from the website. You can barely find here singles 50+.

Males dominate over female subscribers in a percent ratio 62:38. A female audience’s lack may cause certain inconveniences for men as they need to fight for female attention. On the other hand, ladies complain that they receive many inappropriate messages from males. It does not sound unexpected, considering that the predominant share of the dater-base consists of minors 20+. Another explanation is that users do not bother themselves by answering long personalized questionnaires for singles.

Everyone is free to join MeetMe regardless of sexual orientation or ethnicity. Another thing that members complain about is a scam activity. The absence of proper user identification affects the audience’s quality and attracts frauds and scammers. If meeting suspicious members on the MeetMe website opens spaces, singles can either block them or report to customer service.

MeetMe’s Bounties and Unique Features

MeetMe’s Bounties and Unique Features

The MeetMe review makes it evident that the matchmaker resembles some popular social platforms considering its unique features. Singles can arrange chats, create friends lists, share photos, and watch live broadcasts. The site has its currency and regularly rewards the most active subscribers with sweet bounties in the shape of free credits, cashback, and funds. Subscribers can break the ice by sending questions to other members to sparkle their interest. The more creativity you show up –the more chances you have to receive replies. As profiles on MeetMe are not super profound, questions may appear a perfect solution to attract the attention of other singles by asking them something fun and unusual.

Another peculiarity is the admirer function. Singles receive notifications that someone is interested in them without knowing who exactly it is. They get three persons to choose from on the list. If they guess right, they can start chatting. For non-shy daters, the MeetMe website renders a live stream option, allowing users to watch live broadcasts as spectators and interact with the hosts. Streamers often receive rewards from the site (free credits or even money). If you are too busy to search for dates manually, you can try the instant pick option. It works in a way that you can swipe hotties until you find someone of your interest.

The primary aspect that makes MeetMe be not like the rest of the sister platforms is unlimited free communication for everyone. While the lion’s share of matchmaking channels engage users by bonuses, attractive photos of unreal members, and promising rewards for a loyal audience, in reality, it works quite the opposite. Singles who come to search for genuine love instead have to pay a hefty fee for an opportunity to reply to the DMs of non-existed hotties. The membership fees on some sites are draconian, and newbies cannot even test a platform for free to see if it suits their needs. With MeetMe, everything works differently. The matchmaker charges no fees for messaging from subscribers, meaning that even free users can enjoy unlimited chatting with VIP members.

Mobile App vs. Desktop

MeetMe is available on the go for users who prefer mobile dating to the interaction via the desktop. The app looks trendier than the website due to a stylish design and top-notch layout. Like the desktop, the app allows singles to send messages in a couple of clicks, download pictures from the phone gallery, and enjoy flawless live streaming. The app operation depends on the phone model: Android 4.3 and later, iOS 11.0 and later. The app weights 55M (standard size for the apps that render SM functions).

After installing the app, users can log in (if they have existing accounts) or sign up (for newbies). Members will keep getting notifications about IMs and like if they select ‘Stay logged-in’ mode in the profile settings. When you text other singles via the MeetMe mobile application, recipients will not see your contact details. All threads are encrypted; chats with other members remain in history for 30 days.

Reading MeetMe reviews from real members, it becomes obvious that a predominant share of singles uses the portal via its mobile version or app due to the more vibrant navigation and flexibility of functions. A shared disadvantage of the web version and the app is multiple pop-windows with ads, though you can avoid this headache as a paid user.

Another thing that is missing on the MeetMe website and app is in-detail instructions on using the channel. Someone would say that it is unnecessary, but experience shows that starters often get confused when entering the platform for the first time. Some additional help will be useful when setting up filters in the search bar or when wanting to send a message to several singles at once. If you plan to participate in streaming, it will be a good thing to watch or read instructions on properly setting up the microphone and camera.

Sign Up Options for Newbies

Sign Up Options for Newbies

Like other dating sites, MeetMe will not force newcomers to fill in sky-long questionnaires to pass registration. Everything works smoothly for newbies as they do not need to solve puzzles to get approval by moderators. Singles have two options for a choice: standard registration via the website or sign up via Facebook. In the first case, newcomers provide a couple of personalized details to complete a single-step registration. In the second case, you need to log in to your Fb account first to finish registration on the MeetMe website.

Except for their age, sexual orientation, and location, singles do not require mentioning their religious preferences, appearance, hobbies, and so on (unless they want to). There is a biography field, where subscribers can provide as many autobiographical details as possible (though you can skip this field). As many users choose to ignore the biography section, it leads to the low quality of profiles and scammers’ raise. Hotties can set up a profile theme to boost their pages and attract a more peculiar audience. When the registration phase is over, MeetMe rewards newbies with a match-list of potential candidates. Users can either follow the list or search for partners themselves, applying required filters.

Registered daters receive access to the photo gallery; they can view profiles and chat with hotties at no fee. They can create friends lists and make their pictures visible to their pals only. As a registered member, you can filter profiles by location, gender, and online status. Both free and premium daters can socialize in chats, but paid subscribers have priority in search ranking. Even if you register as a free member, the site always allows you to upgrade your status to a premium subscription (you can do it on the account page).

The account features on MeetMe

When you pass a two-step registration phase, the site will automatically redirect you to the account page. In this section, users can edit their profile details, attach and remove photos, change their profiles visibility status, and set up the account theme. Members can upgrade their membership anytime in the Subscription panel. Please note that you need to switch off the auto-renewal when you purchase a VIP subscription unless you want the system automatically to charge funds from your credit card after the expiry date.

Users often wonder if they create an account on the MeetMe website and purchase a premium membership, how these charges will be visible in the credit card balance statement. The matchmaker operates under the MeetMe Group regulation, meaning that the company name will appear in a balance statement. Another question that disturbs numerous daters is whether their Fb pals will see that they registered on the dating portal when they create the account on MeetMe. There are no reasons for concern because the matchmaker does not reveal this information on your Fb page. Nobody will see that a person joins the dating site even when he/she registers on MeetMe via Facebook. The portal does not connect your account on the dating site to Facebook, but only uses it for identification at the registration stage.

Prices and Privileges of the MeetMe Subscription

Prices and Privileges of the MeetMe Subscription

The MeetMe review clarifies that the site creators are not on the hunt for big cash because everyone can join the platform at no fee. Both free and paid daters can enjoy unlimited messaging and socializing in chats. It is typical to the leading dating sites to grab a pretty penny from subscribers to reply to IMs. Commonly, this option requires a VIP membership or credits. At MeetMe, hotties can send as many direct messages as they wish within a free subscription. They can arrange chats with other daters and participate in discussions on forums.

Free subscribers have access to the live streaming option. They can watch live broadcasts of other hotties and arrange their own. The most significant minus of free membership is the presence of multiple advertisements when scrolling the pages. Ads come from nowhere, distracting users from their primary goal. Premium subscribers can switch off the ads and browse the platform focusing on partner search only, but not reading annoying adverts.

Another privilege of the VIP membership on the MeetMe website is advanced search filtering. Users can diversify the search process by selecting additional categories (religion, body type), but not only search by location or online status. Finally, premium singles get notifications whenever someone views their photos. They can also see the viewer’s identity, i.e., his/her profile page. The cost of the premium membership is average compared to alternatives in the niche. You can check the price range in the table below.

One month $7
Three months $17
Six months $25

MeetMe does not provide an option to test the site for free (no free trial for newcomers). If newbies do not want to buy a one-month subscription but want to enjoy additional benefits of VIP members, there is a way out. They can purchase credits and use them for paying for VIP bounties (virtual gifts, ads removal, etc.).

Free Membership Features

Fee-free daters on MeetMe receive the following services:

  • Free registration;
  • Messaging at no limits;
  • Access to the chat;
  • They can create Friends lists;
  • They can watch and arrange live streams.
Paid Subscription Features

Fee-based users get the following privileges in addition to the free services:

  • Incognito mode;
  • Ads removal option;
  • Advanced filters;
  • Priority in search results;
  • They can see who viewed their profiles.

Privacy Concerns and Security Measures

The way a matchmaking platform takes care of the users’ security says it all. When singles address dating sites, they want to have the guarantees that their personalized data will store under seven locks on the digitalized cloud. Modern sites apply SSL encryption to protect data from unrelated parties, and the MeetMe website does the same thing. The platform operates according to the encoding algorithm principle. The discussions threads, chats, and members’ financial data are protected from third parties or cyber police interruption.

Despite all of these, there are some weak points considering security concerns at MeetMe. The fact that newcomers do not need to pass verification to confirm their identities results in a vast wave of frauds and gold-diggers. Regular users complain that they often run into scammers who create fake accounts or solicit money. If singles want to safeguard themselves from scams, they should be pickier in the potential match choice. If you notice the profile pages with zero information, it may be alarming that the profiles are fake. Daters can report suspicious activity to the customer support department or block members who violate their privacy.

MeetMe members have an option to change the profile visibility in the settings. If you do not want bystanders to view your photos, you can adjust the visibility status from General to Friends Only. Your photos and profile details will not be noticeable to strange people. On the other hand, if singles do not have a vast buddies list on the site, it will be problematic to find partners among non-strangers. Finally, if you arrange live streams or come to watch broadcasts of other hotties, it is better to learn terms and conditions in advance. MeetMe reviews prove that it is not a hookup platform for casual sex, meaning that nudity is forbidden at live streams.

How Does MeetMe Check User Identification?

MeetMe does not check user background upon registration unless newbies sign up via Facebook. A lack of data-identification results in scam activity and an increasing number of frauds. To protect themselves from scammers and gold-diggers, members can change their profile visibility status in the settings. Singles can also report suspicious activity to customer support reps.

How Can Users Contact the MeetMe Customer Support Department?

Subscribers have two options to reach the help center representatives: sending them an instant message in a chat or via the email [email protected]. An instant chat is the fastest way to contact customer service, but you must know that its reps are available purely on the working hours from Monday to Friday. If you send them an email, you can count to get feedback within 24 hours or more, depending on how busy the reps are.

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion

If you are single on the hunt for long-term affairs with mature partners, the MeetMe website may not meet your expectations. The site operates similarly to social platforms, where users can make new pals, chat, view photos, and watch live broadcasts. It may sound perfect for people searching for pals with shared hobbies and interests. The young age of the primary audience indicates that MeetMe can be not suitable for seniors over 45 who search for mature relationships, but not one-night encounters. The matchmaker has a global 100M user base, meaning that its strategy to resemble socializing platforms like Facebook or Tiktok attracts new members. The difference is that MeetMe presents its subscribers with a list of prosperous matches at no fee. Messaging also comes as a 100% free feature for subscribers, while alternative sites charge serious money for allowing singles to reply to DMs.

The site can boast of many original features that will not let singles get bored. They can arrange chats and forums by interests and play engaging games like the Mysterious Admirer. Streaming in the HD resolution is another brilliant feature that helps MeetMe enlarge its regular audience per 100,000 monthly. Another perk is that the site rewards active members with sweet bounties like credits and cash. There are some cons as well due to the lack of stringent user verification for newcomers. Daters note that they often run into fake accounts when browsing profiles. Still, the amount of loyal members indicates that the matchmaker is of high demand among singles of different ages and orientations. The MeetMe website deserves its position in the rankings of the top-tier dating sites.

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