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Badoo Review: Fastest Way to Connect With People

Badoo Review: Fastest Way to Connect With People
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 12 500 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The layout of the Badoo website is casual and comfortable
  • The site entails multi-OS compatibility, which makes it adaptable for iOS, web, and android
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly usability
  • Members can use the video chat feature for intimate interaction
  • Selfie feature for the safety purposes
  • Badoo credits expire in a short time
  • Members cannot find potential matches based on interests
  • You need to upgrade your account for unlimited access.

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Looking into the dating sites, you will notice the name Badoo which is an impressive online dating platform that believes in a quick and simple strategy. Since its inception in 2006, the dating site is growing at a rapid speed. You can search for your match and start communication within a few minutes.

How can one say that Badoo has an active member base?

According to an estimate, the Badoo website has around 600 million active members every month. Approximately 300 thousand people sign up for the dating platform daily. Currently, the members’ base of Badoo is above 410 million users.

Is the website an international platform?

Badoo has a member base in about 190 countries, and the website is available in more than 45 languages. Badoo loves to keep things simple, so members don’t have to tangle up complicated procedures to meet new people.

You can register on the site through different social media accounts to save up the time providing basic information.

Layout and the User Friendly Navigation

Layout and the User Friendly Navigation

When it comes to using the Badoo platform, both the app and the website present the same features and usability, members can sign in to both platforms with a single account. The registration process and profile creating procedure took about 10 minutes to complete. The latest changes in the Badoo website layout made it extremely easy to use. All the features are neatly organized without any mess on the homepage. Let’s say you want to search for new members, click on the Encounter tab on the homepage, and start exploring new matches.

The Encounter feature search potential matches for you based on location and your preferences. You will get daily matches from the website. The encounters are displayed one by one for the members you can like or skip the profile by clicking on the respective icons. A mutual like is formed when both members like each other’s profile. You will get a notification for the mutual match to start communication.

If you want to find someone in your vicinity, click on the Nearby tab, and the website will display the members’ results in your proximity. Explore the profiles of each member and choose the one that suits your preferences the best.

Now you know how to search members in this Badoo review, let’s look at its profile interface.

You can explore all the profiles on the platform without any restriction and view their detailed information. Click on the profile picture, and the details about the person’s profile will pop up on your screen. You can rate the profile from 1 to 5 with five as best and one as the least. Press the heart or cross to show your interest or rejection. Badoo earned another fantastic feature called Lookalike, where members can search members who are their look alike.

You can start interacting with members through the messaging feature. As a standard member, you send a crush to a profile to show interest. To contact a profile later, add them to your favorite list to save time.

Badoo reviews reveal that members can increase their popularity on the platform by sharing profile summaries on their social media accounts. You can’t favorite or undo a profile from the favorite list. If a member is annoying you with messages or video calls, the best way to deal with such a situation is to block the account and report it to the moderator.

You like someone and want to send them a gift, but they live far away. Badoo offers its services to send virtual gifts to your favorite members. Each profile has some icons that refer to different meanings.

  • If you see a blue phone icon on a members’ profile picture, it means they are using the Badoo app.
  • A diamond icon on the profile indicates a premium membership holder.
  • A members popularity is increasing on the website if they have a green arrow up icon
  • A green dot indicates the online status of a profile.
  • A blue checkmark means the member took the time to verify their picture.
How popular are you on the Badoo website?

Badoo website offers a graph to timeline the number of views a member’s profile gets. You can view the graph by selecting the popularity link on your profile. Badoo will offer you a quick trick to increase popularity on the website.

The strategy involves credit, which you can purchase on the site. If you are desperate to boost your popularity, using credits is the fastest way to achieve your goal.

If you are shy to send messages or video calls to members, send them Crush, it will notify them of your interest. You don’t have to chat with them, and they will check your profile to decide if they are willing to reciprocate the feature.

The Bumped Into feature of the site allows you to find members in your location. It’s only available on the app of Badoo. You are automatically notified about the matches whenever you launch the app. You can also see updates of your matches’ recent pictures or videos that they upload on the site.

Members can add users to your favorite list, so you don’t lose their contact. You lose interest in a favorite member, unfavorite them to kick them out of the list. You can also view members who have put you on their favorite list.

A Message tab on your homepage displays your recent chats, chats requests, and history. When you show interest in a member, you will be shown a message feature encouraging you to write them a text. You can send text messages to any members, but the requirement is to have a profile picture first.

A member’s message is shown with his name, exact age, and online status. Members are not allowed to share explicit or nude photos. Pictures of such a theme will either be blurred or removed automatically by the moderators.

An amazing feature of the Badoo website to maintain a safe environment is Selfie Request. However, the features are only accessible to females. When a member initiates communication with a female member, she can request a selfie for safety purposes. It’s an extra layer of safety to confirm who they are talking to, or they match their profile picture. The male members will be notified about the request and instructed to take a selfie and send it to the sender. Your selfie will only be visible to the person who requested.

Badoo offers a live streaming video service where you can access other members’ broadcasts or start your own. You can start your broadcast through the app, but the desktop version is perfect to view other members’ live videos. The live video chats are an exceptional feature of the Badoo website.

What Kind of Audience Register on the Platform

What Kind of Audience Register on the Platform

Badoo is an international dating platform and has versatile age groups, but most active members are between the ages of 20 and 35. The site has an age constraint of 18 years to join the dating platform. This Badoo reviews in dating sites show that it’s most popular among the young generation who are more intrigued by the mobile app and the hip style Badoo offers.

The dating site is famous for its hookups and casual relationships. Members on the site are mostly looking for one night stands or short flings. Badoo does not stamp its matches as a hookup; some members prefer serious relationships and can find like-minded interest matches. However, if you are looking for a soulmate or love, Badoo is not an ideal site because finding a match that is ready to commit is a rare commodity on the site.

Badoo review makes it clear that the site has about 12 million members from the US only. The second-largest audience of the site comes from European countries. It means that you can find multiple races and ethnicities on the site, giving you ample opportunities to find the matches according to your preferences. The site has multiple sexual orientations that cater to almost all preferences.

Exclusive Features of the Dating Service

Exclusive Features of the Dating Service

Badoo is an amazing website that introduces excellent features to keep members engaged and entertained on the site. Some of its highlighted features are discussed as follows.


It’s a premium feature and requires credits to have access. When you opt for the Spotlight feature, your profile and information are highlighted on all the Badoo main pages. It’s the best feature to increase your rating and popularity on the site.

Rise Up

You can increase your popularity at a fast pace with the Rise Up feature. It will give a boost to your popularity and rank your profile in search results.

Super Powers

This feature has nothing to do with Batman or a Superwoman. By availing the Super Power feature, you get more access, control, and information regarding other members.


It’s a convenient feature that displays potential matches based on your preferences. You can spend credits to get priority in the encounter displays.

Profile score

It’s a powerful feature of Badoo, which increases the member’s popularity and score on the website. The higher score you gain, the better chances of getting high profile visibility on the site.


You like a member on the site but do not get a warm response from him or her. Badoo’s excellent feature will find look like members for you that resemble the one you were interested in.


You can quickly check the members who have visited your profile.


If a member likes your profile, the Badoo website will send an email and notification about it.

Virtual gifts

You can send virtual gifts to members on the site, of course, with credits. It’s an amazing feature to impress your match.

Availability of Mobile Application and Smartphone Browser Version

Availability of Mobile Application and Smartphone Browser Version

Badoo has an impressive dating app, which is the main attraction for the younger generation obsessed with modern technology. The company is more focused on its app compared to the dating website. The Badoo mobile app is a convenient option as the GPS service quickly detects the members’ distance and proximity.

The mobile app features are almost identical to the desktop version except for some additions in the app. The simple layout and refreshing color scheme are the same as the website. The placing of the features on the homepage is convenient, and the like and dislike game is more fun on the app with the swiping method.

How to Join the Dating Service?

Badoo is a versatile dating platform and offers its members to register through various mediums. You can register on the website through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When choosing the email option, you have to answer some basic questions to register on the site. The question asked on the site requires your sexual orientation; the reason you join the site is to chat, make new friends, date, etc. Also, mention the sexual orientation of your partner. You can choose between males, females and both. Lastly, you need to provide your current location, age, gender, date of birth, and first name.

An additional perk of signing with the Badoo website is that you can import your friends from the contact list or your email. Uploading your photos is an easy task if you link your social media accounts with Badoo. If you sign up through your social media, your profile picture will automatically be imported as Badoo’s main picture.

If you are signing through the Badoo app, you have the option to enable push notification and geolocation service. You can adjust the settings for the alerts you get from the website.

Profile Creation

You have to create an impressive profile to boost your popularity and rating on Badoo. Let’s start with the picture. Badoo asks you to upload at least one photo to carry on with communication features. In addition to uploading pictures, the dating site also asks for photo verification.

How do you verify your picture?

Badoo will show you a picture with a girl posing with her face and hand. You are asked to take a selfie mirroring the pose with the Badoo camera. The selfie will be used for verification purposes and shared on the website or with members.

You have to complete as much information on you as possible. Badoo gives you an option of Profile Boost, which will help you select your profile’s most important parts.

Besides uploading photos and verifying through the Badoo camera, you can also add a video to your profile. You can upload videos from your device, which should not exceed 15 seconds limit or upload for your social media account. Badoo does not accept any obscene picture, and the site automatically rejects the photos.

You can add information about your job, education, and profession. Don’t forget to add your location through the app. Mention your reason to join the site if it’s to make new friends or find a hookup. You can choose multiple interests from the list provided by the site in different categories. The list includes interests like sports, music, travel, food, etc.

Describe yourself in 1000 characters or less by highlighting your qualities. Mention your relationship status and sexual orientation. Badoo has multiple sexual preferences like straight, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and open-minded. Add details about your physical appearance, including your eye or hair color, height, body type, weight, etc. Explain your lifestyles, such as smoking or drinking habits and living conditions. If you prefer a language or have the know-how of more than one language, mention it on your profile to find the best matches.

Evaluation of Cost Structure of the Dating Website

Evaluation of Cost Structure of the Dating Website

Badoo is an amazing dating website, and its free features are appealing for the members. If you are satisfied with limited access to the dating platform, good for you. However, the premium features give you unlimited access to all the tools and features on the site.

You can avail of the site premium membership for one, three, and six months. The one-month premium subscription is the most convenient option when you are checking the website. It cost you only 12.99 USD for a month. The three-month subscription charges per month are 10.66 USD, which makes it around 32 USD for three months. If you are addicted to the site’s premium features, you better opt for the six-month plan, which will cost you about 48 USD. The price structure of Badoo is affordable compared to streamline dating websites.

Badoo does not offer premium service to its members. The site is determined to find convenient routes for members to enjoy the site. If you don’t want to choose the premium membership, the site offers a credit system that lets you purchase some credits features. The cost structure for credits is as follows.

One hundred credits for about 3 USD and 550 credits for about 10 USD. 1250 or 2750 credits can be purchased for about 20 USD and 40 USD, respectively.

Free Services of the Dating Platform

  • Registration
  • Creating profile
  • Using search filters to find matches
  • Browsing thousands of profiles
  • Sending a message to the premium users
  • Sending Crush
  • Using the Encounter feature to find a match
  • View members who visit your profile
  • Using Lookalikes feature
  • Verifying profile through photo

Fee Based Services of the Dating Platform

  • View the member who voted and liked your profile
  • Undo the last skipped vote in the Encounter feature
  • Browsing in incognito mode
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Activate stickers
  • Chance to chat with newest members first
  • Access to the popular members
  • Boost popularity
Security Measures and Privacy Policies

Security Measures and Privacy Policies

Badoo is an amazing website and an app, but the most impressive feature is its security measures. You can use the dating platform with satisfaction that your safety and privacy won’t get compromised. Members have to validate their accounts, and the app might require a mobile contact number to ensure the site’s security. These steps are the precaution to avoid fake accounts, scammers, and ruining the real accounts’ experience. Badoo has the right to feat in your contact number in terms of fraud identification for three months. Badoo website also offers a strict picture validation process that is the green signal to continue your stay at Badoo dating website.

The validation step is not mandatory for the users who don’t want to validate their pictures soon after joining the site. However, the site encourages you to complete the steps; otherwise, your accounts will be frozen for any further activity. The selfie required by the Badoo app is only used for verification purposes and won’t be used or shared with anyone.

Similar to other dating sites, Badoo offers its services to take action against the reported accounts. Where Badoo provides strict safety measures and restricts some activities, it also provides a comfortable and independent atmosphere where users can find their matches and use other features.

Does Badoo Authenticate Profiles With a Background Check?

Badoo offers a photo verification feature where members have to mirror the picture’s pose and click a photo. The moderator then checks the photo for approval. Reading this Badoo review, you will know that the website screens each member’s profile in detail and authenticates their Badoo accounts after consideration.

Is It Easy to Contact the Customer Service of Badoo?

Badoo has an efficient customer service team available all the time for the service. The extensive FAQ section can answer most of your issues; however, to contact the customer service, click on the Settings on your profile, and select the Help Center tab to inquire about your desired issue. You can watch a screenshot of the required issue and it to the moderators for further assistance.

Last Words About the Dating Platform

Last Words About the Dating Platform

Badoo is an outstanding dating platform that finds you dating partners at a fast pace. Its popularity among the young generation is its straightforward layout, outstanding app, impressive features, and affordable cost structure. The robust safety measures, photo verification, and selfie request make the dating platform one of the safest places to find a date. The spectacular features to find matches and dating profiles are the primary reasons dating sites give Badoo dating website a top place.

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