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Adam4Adam Review: Find a Passionate Gay Hookup

Adam4Adam Review: Find a Passionate Gay Hookup
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 965 000
Reply Rate 74%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Adam4Adam welcomes all gay men to test their high-quality dating services. Nowadays, many gay and l dating sites offer their services for people with non-traditional sexual orientation. Most of them help to find a matching partner for casual sex encounters. In the following Adam4Adam review, you will learn many things about the site’s history, its main goals, and the details about its functionality.

This dating network appeared in 2003. The developer claims that his platform is a pioneer in the international dating community for gay men. The site belongs to Hitwise, which is a well-known company. A devoted team has created a website that has more than ten million clients. It is a huge success for a niche-based dating platform. Many gays choose their services, which are free for all registered members. The site makes its profit on advertisements, various projects, and movies for adults, which get paid per view.

After comparing a lot of Adam4Adam reviews, it is obvious that the site caters to a wide demographic. You can be sure that the site will accept you if you belong to the gay community. You will meet a lot of passionate men who are gay, closet, bisexual, twink, metrosexual, etc. It is time to see all the pros and cons of registering your account on one of the most impressive dating sites. Forget about your age, race, cultural, or educational background, and just enjoy your time on the Adam4Adam website!

Check Out Web Design & Usability of the Biggest Gay Community

Check Out Web Design & Usability of the Biggest Gay Community

The web design of the Adam4Adam website deserves to be better. The developer should invest more creativity to make the dating platform stand out. So, you should focus on profiles of handsome men instead of their looks. The main priority of the site is its functionality. As you know, Adam4Adam is a free service, so ordering a top-quality design is a bit problematic for the developer. The biggest concern about the members is popping up advertisements all around the site. Most ads display pornographic photo content, disturbing, yet it describes what the site is all about. You do not visit such sites to find love relationships. It is about hookups and fun times with people you meet on the platform. As for usability, the situation is much better. You will find all the needed features to find and meet like-minded people.

However, all the tools could be better organized. When you view profiles of men, there is nothing sophisticated. The website demonstrates only basic details about individuals, which are presented in plain text. Let’s hope that the developer will structure the site for better accessibility and eye-appeal.

The High Quality of the Target Audience

The number of registered users is huge, where there are more than 6,3 million American users. As for other countries, they are in the minority, but you can still meet people from Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. The Adam4Adam community is pretty active. The site tracks more than 440,000 logins per day. So you will not feel lonely here. The best thing about the platform is the audience’s quality, which consists of young men who are 25-30 years old. You will meet people of all races and ethnicities. It is interesting to know that more than half of the members are non-white. The site allows formed gay couples to register and use the same profile. You will like the community’s energy because people are friendly, open-minded, and honest with themselves and with others. You will meet your dates easily because the level of activity is pretty high. However, you should not expect to build relationships with attachments. It is all about flirting and spending a passionate day together. You should try this multi-ethnic community for gay people.

The Set of Special Features to Boost Your Dating Experience

The Set of Special Features to Boost Your Dating Experience

This part of the Adam4Adam review is devoted to special features you can explore on the platform to boost your dating experience. This site boasts a lot of exclusive features. The main purpose is to offer people enough tools to find partners who fit your sexual criteria to 100%. Every member can enjoy watching movies for adults, buying goods in the sex shop, planning local and international hookups, and reading interesting posts within the dating community.

Live Cams: thanks to this excellent feature, every Adam4Adam member has the opportunity to watch live streams of other members. If you feel, you can start a new video chatting session. The only condition is you have to open several accounts because there are several streaming channels, such as “Adam4AdamLIVE”, “Adam4CAMS,” and “A4ALIVE”. It is essential to mention that you have to pay a fee if you want to access the available videos’ full size.

Sex Shop: you should know that Adam4Adam has an online sex shop. There are many male clients who purchase plenty of sex toys for their future meetings with other dates.

Movies: the site has an exclusive tv channel for watching movies for adults. You can access the track in several ways:

  • “Pay-per-minute”: you have the option to buy a package for a certain period of time. You will need to purchase a period that is enough to watch a complete movie without destruction. Note that the site deducts the time directly from your Adam4Adam account.
  • “Rentals”: it is allowed to rent a particular movie for adults you like for two days. You can watch the selected movies as many times as you feel like within the fixed period by choosing this option.
  • “Downloads”: there is an option to own the desired movie for 7/30 days or even longer. The charge for each period is different.

Underwear Club: it is an entertaining activity organized by the Adam4Adam site. Every member can receive designer underwear every month. The price for such a feature starts from $10. The site selects the best designer to satisfy the needs of its clients. You can order the preferred underwear style, color, and size to fit your body parameters.

Plan a Trip: there are plenty of members who travel around the world actively. The site makes it possible to announce your travel plans to other guys to organize a meeting. By using this excellent feature, the site allows you to share your itinerary and meet for hookups.

Party Ad: the Adam4Adam website offers a particular page where you can organize a party and share the upcoming event details. Note that this feature is free and open to all the community. It is essential to mention that you can use this site page to promote your own little party without any commercial interest. The site will promote your event for a month before the big day of fun with other gay members.

Health Resources: health issues are to priorities in gay communities. Most transsexual dating sites like Adam4Adam share a list of useful health recommendations. This section contains common questions and answers about how to reduce harm for addicted people, STDs, and clinics to do a professional test. Not all Adam4Adam reviews mention that you can find the contact details of American-based Helplines.

Available Mobile Applications for Gay Men

Available Mobile Applications for Gay Men
  • Adam4Adam is available as a mobile application, which you can install on your phone.
  • The platform can be accessed on any mobile-optimized web browser.
  • You will find an official app on the Apple and Google stores free of charge.
  • You can purchase a premium membership via in-app purchases services.
  • You can use the Adam4Adam application in different widely spoken languages.
  • If you check the Google Play statistics, there are more than 500,000 installs.
  • The app has fewer features in comparison to the desktop version.
  • The mobile-optimized version offers the same set of features as the PC version.
  • Most young users are not satisfied with the app’s design.

It is nice that the provider thinks about your comfort and offers a mobile application. However, the web design and the set of features are lacking compared to the Adam4Adam desktop version. You will not find any exclusive features on the app, making the overall experience less enjoyable. The provider should not translate the PC version to a mobile app. It never gives great results. When you start to use the buttons, they are a bit complicated to press. They get heavily packed into a little mobile screen, which is not very clever in terms of functionality. If you are not happy with your app experience and the lack of dating features, you should switch to any mobile browser, which works smoothly. You will find all the features, and the design looks more eye-appealing. It is highly recommended to use a mobile version instead of the app.

The Registration Has Never Been So Simple

  • As a new member, you can access all the features, which are available on the platform.
  • The process of registration includes two steps, which are easy to do, even for newbies.
  • It is allowed to choose to sign up via the desktop or app versions.
  • There is a well-trained support team, which reviews your added photo content.
  • Every new member has to prove that he/she has reached 18 years old.
  • Minors have nothing to do on such sites, which contain sexual-related content.
  • The site encourages all new members to verify their ID, yet it is not the obligation step.

If you are curious to use the Adam4Adam website, you have to register your account. First of all, you have to compose your nickname. Make sure it sounds flirting and creative. Secondly, the site needs your real and active email address, and lastly, you have to provide a safe password to protect your privacy. The site displays a box where it gets written that you have reached a legal age of 18 years old to use such services. By ticking this box, you agree to the official Terms and Conditions of the Adam4Adam website. It is essential to prove that you are not a minor who are strictly prohibited from using online dating sites.

The Registration Has Never Been So Simple

The next step asks you to fulfill your personal profile. There are several important parts which you have to fulfill your personal details. The site needs only the vitals, such as your age, country, and your sexual preferences. You should not forget to share a nice-looking photo to attract as many visitors as possible. If you want to verify your profile, it is necessary to check the captcha box. You will see three boxes that certify your current age, your willingness to accept the terms and conditions, and the proof that you have 120 credits. If you do this, the site grants you full access to the video chat feature. Once again, it is necessary to state that email verification is not mandatory. In fact, you can even use the Adam4Adam website without confirming your email.

VIP Access to the Adam4Adam website:

  • The payment for one month is $7.

Pro Access to the Adam4Adam website:

  • The payment for one month is $20.

If you compare Adam4Adam with other similar dating sites, the pricing policy here is average. If your budget is not limited, you should test the paying version of a popular platform for gay people. The site accepts payments via credit cards only.

The best thing about Adam4Adam is that plenty of hand features for searching dates and communicating on the platform are available for standard members. The site can offer many free services thanks to numerous donations and ad revenues. Free users click on the third-party sites, and Adam4Adam gets paid for this.

It would be best if you were not afraid to use your credit card to perform the payment for premium features. Your credit card transaction will be kept discreet and 100 % secure. If you check your bank statement, you will see something like “SEGPAY.COM Network”. It is a great way to protect all the premium clients of the Adam4Adam site. As soon as you have paid for your pro subscription, it will get renewed by default. If you want to use it for a limited period of time, you have to go to the settings and deactivate the “Cancel Auto-rebill” option. If you want to get a refund, it is possible to do not later than two weeks after your transaction.

The Listing of Free Services on the Site

The Listing of Free Services on the Site

What are the free dating services of the Adam4Adam website?

  • You can open an account and build-up your dating profile super fast.
  • There is an option to search for matching dates and view people’s profiles.
  • You are free to write private messages to any member you like here.
  • You have access to all sent messages from both standard and premium users.
  • The site offers the feature to read and post events like on social media networks.
  • It is possible to save your top conversations up to 20 items.
  • A single conversation with a single person is limited to 40 private messages.

The Listing of Fee-Based Services to Boost Your Dating Results

What are the paid dating services of the Adam4Adam website?

  • The number of new friends is unlimited.
  • The blocks are unlimited as well.
  • You can enjoy using the desktop/mobile versions free from advertisements.
  • Your profile gets approved much faster compared to non-paying members.
  • You have the option to save ten search results.
  • The number of conversations that you can save is two hundred.
  • The length of your conversations is close to two hundred messages.
  • Paying members can order the service “ProAd” to advertise their goods or services.

The Main Points of Users’ Security and Privacy

The Main Points of Users’ Security and Privacy

Adam4Adam takes care of its clients’ safety. The site does not allow other members to use your photo/video content. If it happens, you can report an issue in several ways.

  1. You can use your personal computer: you should go to the profile of the person you want to send a report. Find his profile mage. Just under it, there are orange-colored buttons and a single red-colored button. You have to press the red-colored button, which is called “Report This User”. You will need the option called “Photo Violation”. It is desirable to mention as many details directly in the “Comment” section. The Customer Support Team of the Adam4Adam website replies pretty fast to all users’ reports and complaints. You have to be ready to provide your ID. It is necessary to verify your real face and stolen photo content.
  2. You can use your mobile device: you have to visit the profile of a thief. You have to press the button called “More” (you will find it just below the star-shaped icon on the right side of the screen). You must choose the option called “Report This User”> “Photo Violation.” Just like it was mentioned before, it is mandatory to provide essential details. There is a special section on the page for writing your comments. Do not forget to demonstrate your ID to compare your ID and stolen photos.

Many Adam4Adam members wonder how they can report members who do not stop sending them different spam kinds. Again, you can do it from your PC or mobile device.

  1. If you use your personal computer, the process is similar to when someone tries to steal your photo content. The only difference is that you have to choose the option titles as “Spam/Solicitation” when you press the button called “Report This User”. The Customer Support Team of Adam4Adam needs additional information to suspend a fake account or a spammer.
  2. If you use a smartphone or a tablet, you have to follow a similar process by choosing the option “Report This User”> “Spam/Solicitation”. It is in your interest to provide enough details about your issues. By doing this, you will convince the moderator to punish an abuser and delete his account from the user database immediately. All the community of gay people will thank you.

When other members try to harass you while using the Adam4Adam website, you have to immediately report such actions.

  1. Using your PC, you have to open a user’s profile and press an orange-colored button called “Report This User” orange button. It is necessary to choose the reason why you want to report certain users. After providing all the details you have, you have to press the “Report button.
  2. Using your smartphone/tablet, you have to visit a user’s profile, press the option called “More”, and click on the “Report This User” option. Once again, you have to specify the main reason for your complaint and give the info in the ‘Comment “section. Finally, you have to press the “Report” button.

Is It Necessary to Undergo Profile Verification/Background Checks on Adam4Adam?

Is It Necessary to Undergo Profile Verification/Background Checks on Adam4Adam?

Adam4Adam encourages its clients to verify their profiles, yet it is not the obligation, and many users ignore this step. As for background checks, they do not exist on this dating platform.

Is It Easy to Contact the Customer Support Team on Adam4Adam?

You can contact the team via [email protected].

Adam4Adam does not try to fool its clients. The site does not promise you to find serious or long-term relationships. It is a sexual-oriented dating website for gay men. At the same time, there is a chance to find your love partner if you are lucky enough. The web design and the profiles of other registered members of the dating sites like Adam4Adam encourage fun and hookups between gays. In fact, it is the main purpose of using this dating platform. It is time to join this free community and have some fun with passionate and handsome gay men from all around the world. Try Adam4Adam right now!

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